Favorable SSBI, Interim Secret, Waiting Game

I an currently a Soldier who is applying for a TS/SCI. My first SSBI investigation was back in 2016 came out favorable but i wasn’t granted a clearance at the time. Once I moved to a new unit in 2019, my position required me to have a TS/SCI. My FSO told me that I didnt have to start a new SSBI investigation so he just got a copy of my citizenship and sent the request to DODCAF for adjudication. He sent it in april 2020 but it is still at DODCAF for adjudication. I was able to get an interim secret but I am becoming impatient now. What should I do? What does it mean if my ssbi investigation turned out favorable but why didnt I get a clearance back then? I don’t know why it is taking forever.

As I recall, military personnel require a security clearance either based on their position or on their specialty. Some specialties require TS with SCI eligibility. You’re saying that now your position requires SCI access.

No idea why you would have been put in for the SCI, had a favorable investigation, and not been granted a clearance?

April to August is like four months which is not that long in terms of what people are experiencing in the real world (I’m not talking about their fantasy numbers where people get cleared in three weeks or whatever they say). But something is wacky here.

Based on our timelines from a few months back, the adjudications were around 4 months.
Who knows what the Covid19 impact might be though…

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Should I talk to my FSO to send DODCAF an email? I got naturalized when I enlisted into the army. Perhaps that’s the reason why there is a delay?

No need to contact anyone, nothing moves fast when dealing with the government…
If you were on the IC side, you could be waiting years.

You haven’t been waiting for long, and you are still below timelines that I had seen a few months back.

I know it’s hard, but be patient…
It will come when it comes, nothing you can do about it…