TS Progress Question

Here is my timeline but I would like to know what it means by: interim Top Secret was granted October 2018 by the DODCAF? Does that mean it is in adjudication?

Applied for position 12/2017
Offer letter 2/2018
Paper SF86 completed and sent for review 2/2018
Paper SF86 review complete 5/2018
Equip submitted 5/2018
Fingerprints completed 5/2018
Tier 5 TS investigation started 7/2018
Interim Secret granted 7/2018
Interim TS granted 10/2018 by DoDCAF

It means they see no show stoppers for the final TS eligibility, and you are approved for TS access. Your overall full clearance may wait and that is caused by a lot of variables. Urgency of your position need, operational needs, complexity of your issues, if any. I see more and more interims denied for minor items requiring review.

Did you have a spotless record? That seems rather quick.

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Wow that’s great so I had a Secret and awaiting my TS my fingerprints and SF86 were all complete on 30May19. My investigation was open as of 19jun19 and last thing I was told as of 3 weeks ago is that it is scheduled for closing action. I was told that I should hear something by this month but shoots I accepted this new position as of 23Apr19. Was told by investigator that my file had to be submitted by 18Aug19. What sucks is my family has moved to MD and I’m still in GA during the week for work and flying home to MD on the weekends until I get my start date. Sucks because my job requires my TS be fully adjudicated before I can start.:cry: