Top Secret timeline (currently have fully adjud. Secret)

Hi all,

I believe I’ve seen some related topics, but as they’re a bit older, wanted to see if anything has changed.

I currently have a Secret (DoD CAF 3), which has been fully adjudicated for about 2 years if memory serves. I was put in for a TS about 2 or so weeks ago, whereby I just finished my new eQIP after a few brief updates (which thankfully, a fair bit was saved and still accurate) and completed my fingerprints today.

My understanding is that things have sped up a bit over the last year or two insofar as processing, but of course, I don’t know if that’s indeed accurate. Assuming there’s no issues, and given there’s no issues on my eQIP nor any snags which usually hold up the timeline (no criminal or civil record, no drug use, etc.) is there a general timeline with respect to how long the process takes to receive a TS waiver?

For reference, I’m an employee at the employer whom sponsored me, so this is for a new contract and not contingent upon me working and thus, if I have to wait longer, not a problem.

Thanks for any intel here.

Wanted to briefly apply with an update - I received my interim TS two days ago, so about 3.5 - 4 weeks after input.

At this point, more so curious when the fully adjudicated TS will be forthcoming. I’m hearing around 6 months, but have seem several different timelines on the forum.

As notated above, no real issues in my background/eQIP so I’m assuming that can speed up the process, but of course I have no definitive knowledge of that.

Thanks much in advance!

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Thanks for the update… I didn’t think interim TS was a thing but I guess it does happen.

I won’t even hazard a guess as to timeline

I am in a similar boat - I just put in a few months before you.

Existing adjudicated SECRET for last 4.5yrs. Literally nothing new to report on my SF86 - a few foreign contacts and the like timed out and I dropped them off.

Late OCT 22: Submitted SF86/Fingerprints
3 weeks later: interim TS granted
Week before Christmas, DEC 22: Subject interview
Early-Mid JAN 23: references/employers, neighbors contacted in fairly rapid succession.

Silence since….

I have not contacted my FSO to see if it’s in adjudication yet. It comes when it comes……