Adjudication for TS in process

First time getting a clearance. I got the DOD interim secret and now my status says Adjudication for TS in process. What does this mean? Is this the final step before a decision is made and do I have to do another interview?

The only way you might have to do another interview is if the adjudicator needs to have some additional details. And as anyone who has read my posts knows, I say this is a good sign because it means somebody is actively working your file.

Sounds like things are moving in the right direction, but adjudication is the phase where you are least likely to get any updates.

Thanks for your response. And one other question. My apologies for naive question but does this mean they are done with the investigation phase and simply have to look at all the collected info and make a decision? And also isn’t it strange that I am going from interim secret to TS?

I would say that the investigation has been completed (to include some level of review) and sent to the adjudicator. That doesnt mean the adjudicator wont have some questions but I’d say the investigation is complete.

As for interim secret on the way to a Top Secret, I can’t say, have not encountered that path.

Understood. Appreciate your response!!

For a first time clearance applicant, interim secret to final TS is the typical path. If someone has a fully adjudicated secret, and they apply for a TS, then typically an interim TS is issued pending investigation and adjudication.

The form for secret and TS is the same, as are the standards. What is different is the level of scrutiny and depth of investigation.

As mentioned previously, there is a possibility for a quick follow-up if the adjudicator requires any clarity on something (for me I had a follow-up because the investigator found a document somewhere stating my birthday was two days earlier than the record shows everywhere else - all they wanted was a verbal statement of what my birthday is - totally strange). The follow up could just be a quick phone call.

If you are in adjudication you are on tbe home stretch. Hang in there!

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How do you find out you are in adjudication phase? My HR always gives me this generic “ still in process” response.

I don’t even know who the adjudicator is …how did you all manage to find that out? At this time I felt my HR contact was not very informative ( and I know in some cases they definitely do not have any clues either.)

A lot of FSOs, especially those at larger companies, don’t like to check status of clearances, but alas they can (to a degree). The can see if it’s still being investigated, in adjudication, etc. What they can’t see (or even if they could, they wouldn’t disclose) is the “who.”


My FSO updated everyone but he isn’t very helpful with as far answering the questions I had so ended up here:)

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