How long does the Adjudication Process take for a TS Clearance?

Hello! I’m a contractor with an Interim Secret Clearance with an Open Investigation (SSBI) for a TS.

This investigation has been ongoing for 2 + years. From my understanding the interviews for investigation are now completed. All my co-workers and family and myself have been interviewed. The investigators interviewed the last person today.

but now from my understanding the paperwork needs to be sent to OPM for the adjudication process. basically signatures and paperwork need to be processed. How long does that process take?

Another challenge I have is my contract came to an end and i’m currently seeking new employment.
If when my paperwork arrives to an Adjudicator and they see that i’m no longer with the previous contract will my TS go through?

I was thinking of finding a job that doesn’t require a security clearance while i wait for my investigation/adjudication process to complete

but do i need to find a ‘new’ job which requires secret clearance?

on my resume should i put that i’m “Maintains a Interim Secret” “Eligible for TS”