How Long is the Adjudication Process for a TS Clearance?

Hello All,

I currently have an Interim TS clearance. I have had this clearance since Jun 2018. I have been told that the active investigation has been closed. The closed date was on April 2019. How long after an investigation has been closed will a clearance get adjudicated? Also, I have contacted my companies FSO and they have not done anything to help. What should I do?


Why worry if you are working with an interim clearance for over a year? If the investigation closed and there were no disqualifying information found - you should not notice a change in your life when the adjudication comes through.

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It is impossible to say, although now that you are approaching the 18 month mark we can say with high confidence that yours is not going quickly.

I don’t know what the FSO can do to help. All they can do is ask their POC who will no doubt give them the same answer that it is “in process” or something like that.

The hold-up likely wouldn’t be on your FSO, unless they’ve been sent something from the adjudicators that they haven’t provided you or something like that. The only thing your FSO can really do is submit a CSR which will likely generate a standard canned “in progress” response.

The only escalation point for you would be to contact your congressional rep which may or may not produce results. I would let your rep know regardless though. 2 years plus is an unacceptable amount of time and wasteful for everybody involved. Especially if you’re paid from a government contract and are unable to fully do your job.

Thank you for the responses. I am just frustrated with the process due to the fact that I am looking to advance my IT career and find a better opportunity. I have can across many employers will not take the risk of hiring an individual unless their clearance has been adjudicated.

Again thank you for your responses.