My case has been closed

My case status is ‘closed’ as per Mar30th without any information. My company has been request for secret clearance. I am not sure what does it mean and what are the steps should I take from now. Can someone help and advise regarding this.

Thank you in advance !!

It could mean that the investigation is complete and now it is on its way to the adjudication process. If this is the case, then there really is nothing for you to do except to continue to wait.

There is even less insight into the adjudication phase than the investigation phase.

Do u mind sharing your timeline?

Thank you so much for the quick reply. May I know usual turn around time for adjudication phase?

Now I am working as contractor, will there be any issue if my contract end while case is in adjudication phase?

Thank you again!

My timeline…

Job opened Sept 2015 applied Sept 2015
Interview: Dec 2015
CJO: December 2015
SF-86: Jan 2016
BI Interview: March 2016
Possibly closed Investigation: Oct 2016
Granted clearance: March 2017 TS/SCI

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The adjudicators say they have 90 days to close a case. But when does that clock start? Who knows. Everything is taking an awfully long time.

As far as what happens if your contract ends before your final clearance is granted, I don’t know. I am wondering the same thing since my periodic reinvestigation has not been granted and it has been an awfully long time since the investigation closed. Theoretically another company should be able to hire you and pick you up in JPAS, thereby allowing the process to continue… but many companies don’t want to mess with that.

Maybe somebody like @marko.hakamaa can weigh in with another opinion on this question.