In adjudication , no Interview , no reference interviews

The FSO tells me that that the investigation was closed and the case is in adjudication now.

I was never contacted nor were my references… what’s going on?

( My case was in an investigation for 8 months and now looks to be ready for adjudication)

Sounds like it was a Tier 1, 2, or 3 and you had employers not respond or the inquiries returned as undeliverables.

What does it mean for the clearance timeline ? does it effect the adjudication outcome ?

clearance timeline - how long it takes for your clearance to be completed. If the employers and supervisors respond right away, your case goes to adjudication quicker. If they do not respond, your case sits there for several months before the case closes.

As always in adjudication - it depends.

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Job offer - Mid-February 2021
EQip completed - First week of March
Interm Clearance - neither approved or denied
Interview - Mid-April/report submitted with additional requested by Mid-May

Now its Mid-Sept. None of my references have been contacted and I am still waiting. I am wondering why none of my references have been contacted as well.

you forgot to mention the most important key… what Tier investigation is this?

Also, listed references are not always interviewed.

Alot of patience is the key to the entire process, keep in mind that other candidates are ahead of you. Everyone circumstances are different and my process to 1 year and 3 months; even with being in adjudication the DoD CAF may request additional information and if that occurs, I highly recommend you respond to them in a timely manner.

@tam139 Similar boat here…pretty much a hurry up and wait situation.

My investigation (TS/SCI) was closed at end of 2020 and assigned to Adjudication (Intel Community) on Jan 27 2021, and as of today it’s been eight months with no movement as per the FSO of the Company that put me forward. Also of note is that there has been no request for any further information either, like if they were in a situation of needing additional details on things.

If this is for a secret clearance it is not unusual to not have anyone contacted and you don’t require an interview unless there are questions.