Adjudication Process Question

Hi all,
I am waiting on a secret clearance. Timeline is as follows:
Last week of March, 2019: Submitted SF86
First week of May, 2019: Interview was conducted
10/23/19: Upon checking with my FSO for an update, was told that my eligibility is still pending. It is unclear when the investigation was concluded.

My references have not been contacted yet; is that a part of the adjudication process? Or would that have been done during the investigation?

I appreciate any assistance.

References are contacted during the investigation. Field work is completed before the case goes into adjudication. Do you know what type of clearance you are going for? (Different levels have different requirements for field work.)

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Hey gostate1,

I’m waiting on my secret clearance as well. References should have been contacted by your investigator, whose job it is solely to collect facts. Once the investigation is complete, your file goes to the adjudicator(s) who applies the “whole-person concept” to your file and makes the decision whether to grant your clearance. My investigation was complete back in mid-July so I’m still waiting for adjudication as well.

I believe the investigation is complete and now I am only waiting on adjudication but my references were never contacted.

Hey, its a secret level clearance.

Not all of your listed references will be contacted, that’s normal.

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References are not interviewed as much as they were back in the day.

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Is anyone aware as to when the Q3 2019 clearance stats will be posted?

Not sure. Where do we find the latest stats?

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Clearancejobs usually posts the quarterly stats a few weeks after the quarter end but they have not yet posted for Q3.