S to TS - Readjudicate everything?

Background: In 2013 when I was in high school, I got in trouble with the law twice (drinking ticket and marijuana use). Both of these cases were dismissed and settled, and my record since has been clean. I graduated college in 2018 (engineering), and started work at a Defense Contractor. I got my full secret clearance after about a year and some change. I worked there for two years, and transferred internally to a different job that requires a TS. I got put in for TS in Jan 2021. I got my interim TS within about a week. On my eqip for TS, I included information about my arrests in 2013, even though technically it was > 7 years prior. I figured they would have found it anyway and I didn’t want them to think I was hiding anything. Plus, I received my full secret, and have made significant advances in my character since then.

My company’s security office shows that the investigation portion of my TS process was completed 5/19/21. It’s been about two months and I’m supposedly in the adjudication process. My question is, are they going to have to re-adjudicate everything in my past, even if it already has been adjudicated through my secret clearance process? It seems like the TS timeline for my coworkers is ~2-3 months, while mine is now pushing 6. I would have thought they would just have to adjudicate everything since my last adjudication from my secret. Since then I’ve done nothing but work, complete a year and a half of graduate school, and play some terrible golf. I would have figured it would have been even quicker than others, since I came in with a full secret and recently adjudicated.

First of all, it is interesting that you got an interim TS. In my experience that is unusual, but certainly not unheard of.

Anyway, yes, your investigation will have to go through adjudication all over again… but that would be true even if there were no previous arrests. It is pointless to compare your timeline with others, some will be faster, others will be slower. Try not to get too stressed out, it is a very positive sign that you got the interim, you will almost certainly be favorably adjudicated.


Squirrel is correct - when you’re upgraded, you’re re-investigated even of old info. Sometimes they look at old info more deeply, since you’re now being evaluated for access to more sensitive information.

As they’re also correct that your timeline is YOUR timeline for completion. There are only generalities regarding timeframes for clearance completions & eligibility determinations, even without the effect of a global pandemic. An investigation closed in May 2021, and it’s only July 2021, would not be a blip on my radar. Once it hits 6 months, then I’d be asking my FSO to put in a CSR to request adjudication.

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I once listed stuff that was just outside the time window requested. They told I was slowing things down by doing so.

You are correct, but alcohol and drug arrests/citations are “ever” questions and always need to be listed.

FYI, the arrests/citations for the drinking and marijuana use are “Ever” questions, not 7 years, so you were correct in listing them.

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That explains it, never did drugs, just “other” stuff.

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Same thing happened to me. Did not delete some out-of-scope entries that carried over from a previous SF-86; investigator told me that if they were on the form he had to check them out.

During my last BI, the agent found stuff from high school and because she found it, she had to ask me about it. This was over ten years ago. Is that normal as well?

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Yes, all issues that come up, even if they were not required to be listed will be discussed/investigated. How deeply depends on the specific issue and type of clearance.