Full TS/SCI granted in 4 months. Should I be suspicious?

I applied (IC) 12/2018
Referred 1/2019
Eqip submitted 5/2019
Agency prescreen 5/2019
Investigation started 6/2019
Subject interview 9/2019
References contacted 9/2019 (a few days after subject interview)
TS cleared, “SCI eligible” 10/2019

This just doesn’t seem right to me. Are they really granting them this quickly nowadays? Everyone I’ve heard of is measured in years. I didn’t even get my public trust in twice this time.

On the majority of my cases, the SF-86/85 are filed out 1-3 weeks prior to me getting the case. Each case is different and timeline for each will wary, but they seem to move pretty quickly on my end. (I am referring to field work only, not the rest of the process.)

Wow this is awesome. You must have really good fortune of have lived in the same place your whole life with no issues. Do you have any potential red flags or things like foreign contacts, drug use, financials etc? I’ve been over a year total with almost one year of radio silence.

@Desk I like your profile name :joy:

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The only thing you need to be suspicious of is when jealous coworkers find out how quickly you cleared :slight_smile: Every once in a while you hear about a case going through quickly like this. Don’t ask why, just be thankful for all the anxiety you did not have to endure during a wait of 12-18 months or more.

Not at all. Lived in several states in the past year alone. But finances, drugs, and alcohol weren’t an issue. I’m “that guy” who’s never tasted alcohol or smoked in my life. It actually would’ve taken like half of the time if I hadn’t kept moving during the process.

I doubt it could have gone much more quickly. And don’t congratulate yourself too much, there are lots of other people out there with similar backgrounds waiting 12 months or longer. To a certain degree, you were lucky.