Scis quick investigation

I recently accepted an offer for entry level Field Investigator for SCIS in the Chicago area. After completing my equip, I was contacted by scis within 2-3 weeks saying I passed my Top Secret background check. I was astonished at how quick it was. I was never contacted by an investigator, and not one of my references or my current employer was contacted. Doesn’t that seem odd?

I’m not complaining, since I was expecting the process to take months… Just wanted to share my experience.

I’ll be in the June '19 training class.

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3 weeks is indeed far too short to complete an investigation for Top Secret. That sounds like it was just a ‘check’ rather than an investigation. That is, I think that SCIS just reviewed your completed SF-86 and didn’t find anything which would prevent you from getting cleared, and will now move forward with hiring you while the investigation is completed by whichever government agency.

This is a pretty common first step since employers don’t want to waste their time/money on clearance applications for people which have little-or-no chance of being cleared.

Strange. HR told me that the clearance was completed and not just an interim. I’m in the process of getting my PIV and NBIB credentials already.

I would say you are cleared.

Have you ever held a previous SSBI or T5? I did not know OPM was granting interims for investigators again.

No, I have not held any sort of clearance before. That’s why it was surprising.

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This is surprising. You need to buy a couple lottery tickets this week!


It’s odd that there was no interview

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