New TS clearance seeker

I have been hired to become a background investigator. I currently hold a public trust clearance, and have for the past 7 years with my current employer. I remember when first being hired HR told me “it can be quite a lengthy wait, at times 6-12 months”. I cleared in 1 month.

I completed EQIP in mid April along with fingerprints, documents, ETC. An investigator has come by my neighborhood and interviewed my neighbors. I have had an investigator meet with me to go over at EQIP answers and follow up on items. Almost all of my contacts have been interviewed. I have emailed security officer at new employment and they tell me my status shows pending still and should be close.

After reading many posts on here, I see some people haven’t spoken with an investigator in over 6 months and their references have not been contacted.

Am I near the end? Am I in the hands of the adjudicator? Has anyone cleared for TS in as little as 3 months?

Because NBIB has been on a hiring spree to add an additional 400 investigators in order to start cutting into the enormous backlog and need to get them on the street as soon as possible, the investigations are fast tracked. OPM investigators and adjudicators are used to get it done quickly, therefore, clean T5s within 3 months is definitely possible.

Fantastic, thank you for the information, greatly appreciated.

Marko, the only significant change in 7 years is unfortunately I had a lapse in judgement and received a DUI, first offense, was given probation, a hefty fine, and license was revoked in the state it occurred for a few months. It happened 2 years ago and I have not had other run ins with law enforcement, do you think this will affect anything?

If an isolated one time incident then no, it should not be a concern.

Good Morning Marko,

I was contacted by security officer pertaining to a clearance update. She stated it in “administrative review” and this will delay clearance time yet more. They also asked me if I wanted to proceed with the process.

Should I be worried? What happens with this? Do I get placed at the bottom of the pile again? Why would she ask me if I want to proceed?

Hello @marko.hakamaa. I received notice of administrative review and in it is a more detailed explanation of my DUI. I am writing it up now, do you think letters of co-workers, past and present would help?

Character references are always helpful, however, they should be aware of the DUI to show that it does not affect their trust in your judgement and reliability.


You’ll fly through fast. As Mr. Hakamaa explained, OPM investigators are always fast tracked because they need bodies in the field to help with backgrounds.

@Agent_Foiliage thanks for the response.

@marko.hakamaa, another thing…when filling out the SF-86, I failed to mention I had violations and prior employment 7 years ago. I did not recall these when filling out form, in complete and utter honesty, and failed to list them. They followed up with my employment and found them and also in the ADMIN REVIEW letter I received, they are asking about them. I have completed a letter regarding them, that I in no way shape or form maliciously not list them, as this was an honest mistake. I’ve read in several instances that willfully lying on SF-86 will create problems, but again, this was in no way my intention, as I forgot about them. I have in my write up that I omitted them due to forgetfulness, but now I look at the decision as negative on my behalf. Can I do anything else regarding this?

Well, considering the fact that as an investigator you would be questioning others about these same types of lack of disclosure, this is a direct nexus to your potential position and is taken more seriously. Not much else you can do at this point but wait for the outcome.

I have a quick question. Did your company grant you a interim clearance ? And did you start working for your company when you received the admin review?