Clearance Time Table

I have been waiting for 120 days should I be worried that OPM has not contacted me yet? I have an interim TS/SCI. Do you think I should contact OPM and see where my investigation is at?

WOW I have not heard of that in quite some time. I got one when I was in the Army but this was a long time ago. If you have your interim don’t worry, besides, some have been waiting longer than that for their first contact with an investigator.

The problem is DIA won’t allow me to work for my sponsor. It has only been 122 days since I started the process of getting my clearance.

Oh, yeah I got my interim through the Army.

Aha. But I have seen stories of folks who enlisted into certain specialties but were not given interims. I think those were SIGINT MOS’s. Ended up cooling their heels at some basic training base while they waited.

Don’t mean to burst your bubble, but It’s gonna be a while unfortunately, average for Q4 for TS was 246 days. I have a friend waiting for a TS too, and he’s been waiting since November 2015. Yours might be one of the faster ones, as it seems you have a cleaner background to get an interim. However, 120 days is a drop in the puddle as far as wait times go, I wouldn’t expect anything for another couple months.


I have a question is it common to go over 120 days and not hear a word from
OPM? I thought I would hear something. Since I have an interim clearance is
it easier to get a TS clearance?


I’m getting a secret and I haven’t heard anything from OPM in 180 days. So yes i’d say its common especially for TS.

I think that if you got an interim it suggests that your case did not have any glaring issues. But everything is taking a long time.

Are you trying to get a civilian or contractor clearance based on a clearance you have from being in the Army?

I think you’re spot on @stillwaiting. I’m now into month 6 of a T3 investigation and not a peep from anyone. There’s been no credit info pull (I checked all 3 agencies), no contact from my FSO, just crickets. I’m well into the second year of my contract which expires in 10-1/2 months. At the rate things are progressing, I doubt I’ll even have an interim before the end of my second year. I’ve begun mitigating this situation by actively pursuing work outside of the defense industry.

Yes I am. I left the military in October and the contractor picked me up
and wanted to sponsor me the same month. Now I am waiting for OPM to make a
decision. Do you think if I go through my state rep or senator I can get
the process to speed up?

You might get some additional information but I don’t think it will speed things up.

For some contractors and customers, clearances granted while you were in the military transfer easily. But I’ve personally been in situations where they didn’t.

Yeah I agree. I just want to work and feel like my life has more meaning. I
wish I was in the military still but I was medically discharged and
honestly its been hard. I appreciate you talking to me.

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Do you know how long an interim clearance last for? My impression was when
I left the military it should have been deactivated.

You may have to do a FOIA request on yourself regarding the status of your clearance @krazyk784 . The way it works in DoD contracting world is that if you’re put in for a clearance, say a SECRET with an SF-86, and then gain an interim clearance, and then quit your job or move to a different role, the sponsoring firm and agency will withdraw your clearance application. So, the investigation stops and your interim will be cancelled since it was never fully adjudicated at the DoDCAF. The military, while DoD, is likely the same as the military will see no reason to spend more money on your clearance since you’re out.