TS clearance granted

I found this site as I was going through the hiring process for a job that I needed a TS clearance for. I have never had a clearance before so I had a lot of questions on how the process worked. I had a lot of questions and asked a couple on here and received some very good feedback. I figured I would write this post of how my process went in case there is someone looking for answers like I was.

In mid/late August, I was offered a job with DOD as long as my background came back clean and I was able to obtain a TS clearance. In late September I filled out my SF 86 and submitted it. Very shortly after, I had my interview with my background investigator who did my interview and interviewed people at my job the same day. About two to three weeks after the interview with my investigator, I was granted an interim clearance and started my new job in the first week of November. In the first week of March 2020, I got an email letting me know that my TS was granted.

All that being said, While I was learning about clearances, I read some real horror stories about clearances taking years to be granted. I felt that my process was pretty quick and everyone I dealt with during this process was very professional.

I hope this helps anyone looking at this website like I found myself 6 months ago.


That’s cool . . . We don’t hear a lot of positive stories here! Stick around.

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Amazingly fast. Clean living. Thanks for posting.

We have the same timelines (6 months) for a bunch of DOD contractors with various backgrounds, in a non-busy area, to get their TS/SCI (no poly).
The investigation piece were also really fast (all field work seemed to have been completed within 6 weeks after submission).
For a different customer on the same site, they go for 18 months though…

I had a similar experience. I was given all sorts of doom and gloom projections about how long the process would take. From final submission of SF86 to adjudication of my TS, it took a whopping five and a half months, lol.

I hsve completed several entire national security and public trust cases, from ESI to report submission, in one day. I had one that seem to last over a year - it just wouldn’t go away - we kept finding new undisclosed issues and activities.

I can not preach often enough about being careful, thorough, and upfront with your questionnaire (SCA) submission. That is the key to the vast majority of quickly completed cases. Treat the SCA like it were your taxes where you have 100% chance of being audited.

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