TSSC Process Timeline


It’s beeing over 480 days since they sent me an offer and i sent in my SF86. Background investigation has been done since early fall of this year, but their HR still keeps telling me “that I’m currently processing”. Any insight into how much longer, since they can’t seem to figure out themselves? Anyone with a similar situation out there? Should i expect another year or another month?


24 months for me since I received my offer. 16 months in adjudication. I assume your agency is in the IC, like mine. That’s just the way they do it, very very slow.


I would honestly get a hold of your senator or house rep. They should be able to help you out and have accountability of x agency that is doing your investigation.


What are they telling you? “still actively processing”? A few months ago, i called and they told me that i was “in the fall review line”, but i still haven’t heard anything.


Unfortunately, senators and house reps can’t do anything when an applicant is in the adjudcation phase, only if in the BI phase or their BI hasn’t started yet.


Yeah I call once a month just so I feel like I’m still in contact with someone but they can only tell me that I’m “still actively processing” and nothing else. No timeline, no guesses, no anything besides i’m still processing.


I currently possess a TS but still have been waiting for my SCI process to complete for about 3-4 months and even though this is not my first time holding an SCI, anyone have some experience or are personally aware how long it took for those other individuals to receive their SCI adjudication or approved? I just do not remember it taking this long while I was Active Duty. Thanks