SCIS new hires? Timeline...?

Any other newly hired SCIS Investigators lurking?

Here’s my calendar of events:

Dec. 17-ish, applied for BI
Feb. 8, 18, had a ‘virtual’ interview
Feb. 20, had a phone interview with Field Supervisor, job offer was emailed same day.
March 23 e-quip completes
April 5, credit checked
April 18, met with my NBIB Investigator
April 30, last of my contacts were interviewed. (Had one with scheduling problems).

Mine is an easy one- no financial/criminal/relational/alcohol-drug/foreign issues whatsoever.

Now in a holding pattern, waiting to hear back…

Anyone else?

I have essentially the same timeline as you. My eQip was accepted on April 2nd and an NBIB investigator contacted me and my contacts very shortly after. I don’t know what the status of my clearance is but I received an email on April 27th detailing the NIPT course that starts in June. I currently hold a secret-level clearance so my approval process may have been faster than yours. The course starts in June but I was unable to attend because I have an active duty training period for the Army National Guard. I’m waiting to hear when the next course will be.

My guess is that you will hear fairly soon.

I recently applied a month ago, took my ‘recorded’ interview, and I’m now set for another interview this Friday (phone interview w/ two recruiters). What questionnaire form do they use? S85/S85P/S85P-s/or S86? I’m like you, clean record and such. However, I’d just like to know ahead of time if I’m fortunate enough to make it through Friday.


BI position requires a T5 investigation (SF86)

Okay, got it. When is the polygraph portion of the process, if any? I’m just trying to put a timeline into perspective.

That’s awesome! I hope I do hear something soon- I was hoping to get into the June class myself.

No poly for OPM work

So, June class is obviously not happening…my NBIB investigator finished his part of my investigation on April 30…I was hoping to get news of an interim in a month, but still crossing my fingers it will come through soon and I’ll start training asap.
My current job was ‘ok’ with the news I was leaving since I gave them a minimum of 2 month’s notice, but since then my assignments (and so my paycheck) have dropped 30-40%…

I just got word that I have been selected for a “virtual interview” as well. I’m excited but nervous about what questions to expect? Can anyone shed some light?

Very basic questions about you and your work ethic/ideas. You could read off recipes for sugar cookies as answers and it wouldn’t matter. They are looking at you for appearance, speech, command of the English language, etc, not ‘correct’ answers…

…and here we are in July, still no word!

I’m with you on the anxiety…I haven’t heard anything from SCIS yet. While I am employed now, as I mentioned earlier, my workload -and thus my pay- has dropped ~ 30%…which is not sustainable. Likewise, if I was told ‘you’re scheduled for training…’ I’d be ok, anticipating being granted an interim, and being ready to hit the street after training.
I’ve casually looked around, but have not applied to anything else yet for two reasons- I don’t want to ‘interrupt’ my clearance investigation procedure (unless its another clearance-needed job), and I was under the assumption that once our BI’s were started, we’re committed to them, or responsible for the cost of the BI-?

I was just told that I was granted interim clearance and I would be able to attend NIPT in September. I hope you get good news soon.

I recommend you reach out to someone there and just ask for any updates and share that you’re still interested but would like some feedback.

I will send an email to the recruiting department…

What is the recruitment email? I need to ask them about updates too.

I applied the first week of May 2018 and receive word the first week in August that I am going to the training in Herndon Virginia. My timeline probably went a lot quicker than average because I already have TS clearance with the federal government in my current job.

Well, I guess the good news is that they still need people…I just hope they still need me by the time NBIB gives them a decision!

Just got the email today, I’ve even cleared to work, and am scheduled for October 5 to start training.

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I applied last October for a FI position, and was contacted this last May for an interview. It had been so long I genuinely didn’t remember what job
I’d applied for, and had to go back and check my old emails to jog my memory. Then, after my interview they made me an offer in July. I just got my clearance go-ahead from OPM/NBIB (not even sure if this is a full TS adjudication, or just an interim – I did have a Secret clearance already). I’m scheduled to begin work in October, a full year after I applied. So I guess the moral of the story is, it really can take a long time: hang in there (this is really directed at the general “you”, not just the OP, who sounds like they have their answer already.