New Investigator training

I start NIPT with SCIS in April. What can I expect? How intense is it?

It’s definitely a LOT of information thrown at you in a short amount of time. It’s a steep learning curve, unless you’ve worked this specific contract before. Just study the material, ask questions when you have them, and learn how to use all of your resources. This job is all about resources! All tests are open book/open note, so you really shouldn’t really worry about them. My biggest suggestion is to network and build relationships with other people in your class and in the field. Working by yourself in the field can get lonely, so it’s important to have a few people you can call or text and chat with. I still continue to chat daily with my core group of people from NIT, and it’s a real sanity saver!

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Thanks so much for the insight. I will definitely make friends in the class to have a support system. I appreciate your response.

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I just accepted a conditional offer from SCIS. After your clearance was granted, how long did you have to wait to get a training course slot? Do you happen to know how often they have courses?

I’m not sure how often they have training courses. I am going to be working for SCIS as well. I got my offer to start training ago. I cleared in December. I start virtual training April 9 and in class training April 16. I hope you get your training scheduled soon.

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