What does NIPT Involve?

I now have my training start date to work on the OPM contract, via SCIS, can anyone tell me what to expect from the NIPT training, what does it involve? Specifically the 2weeks inhouse training. Thanks

It will mainly be death by PowerPoint in a classroom setting with a couple tests thrown in which will be open notes. It’s nothing to stress about. During the tests you will have all of your resources available to you, as long as you know how to use CTRL + F to search a document there’s no way you can fail. You will also practice interviewing your classmates and learning how to navigate the fieldwork system and type reports.

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Sorry… I’d asked about this and didn’t realize you were ahead of me S… Cheers for that.

Glad to hear you finally got your date! I think you will really enjoy it - SCIS trainers are great. Everyone has been wonderful, attentive and positive. They do throw a lot of info at you at once, just go with the flow, ask questions and it’ll all make sense.

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I just received my training start date. I’m trying to anticipate how to prepare. (Such as what supplies to bring, etc.) Any insight on what sort of material we’ll be studying? Or on anything in general, really! :blush:

You will likely be supplied with everything you need but you probably won’t need much other than a couple of notepads and some pens. Just show up to class every morning rested and ready to learn and you’ll be good to go

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Is there any sort of text book or anything? Or just the (death by) PowerPoint :joy:

No textbook, most of your material will come from documents already preloaded onto your computer

Gotcha. Do you work for SCIS? I am wondering how far along in the onboarding process I’ll find out about my insurance options? I am so eager to plan out my finances and not be broke again haha

No not SCIS, but training seems to pretty much be the same across the board