Thoughts on SCIS


A couple of things worth knowing about SCIS Investigations

(1) As soon as a favorable interim or final result is received for your security clearance, you are contacted to be placed into a training class. However, they do have strict policies in regards to needing to be responsive to communications sent out to you or else you will be removed from consideration. This is a reasonable expectation for an employer to have if you took an offer with their company and they paid for the sponsorship of your security clearance. Unfortunately, the clearance process just takes time and there is nothing that SCIS can do to change that. You should be aware of this before you sign an offer letter. Positions that require security clearances typically aren’t immediate start opportunities

(2) Their training program is intense however the resources available are always accessible and as long as you are focused and willing to learn, it isn’t bad. No matter what field you work in, it is always wise to (A) TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR RESOURCES; learn how to interpret and use them properly, (B) ASK QUESTIONS, © NETWORK with your colleagues, (D) NEVER approach a situation thinking that you already have the knowledge.

(3) The leadership of the organization “talks the talk and walks the walk” The organization is built on a solid foundation of values such as integrity, transparency, respect, trust and employee recognition. It’s core strength is a leadership team that upholds these values throughout their day to day. When you do a little digging on LinkedIn and read posts from employees in the organization you see the phrase “One Team” and once you join their team you understand the full meaning of those two words.

(4) If you’re looking for somewhere you can grow, this company promotes from within and recognizes key players when they see them

(5) If you’ve applied and you’re still waiting for feedback, contact recruiting. They’re flooded with quality applicants trying to come on board with the organization, it never hurts to reach out and get your name out there.


Hi there, thanks for the insight. I’m starting NIPT at SCIS in September. This is my first full-time civilian job out of grad school. I’m very excited about the job and I hope to make SCIS home for a long time.

How long have you been working for SCIS Investigations? What was your background before starting?

What does a typical career progression look like? Is it viable to be a base-level BI for a long time or the company looking for people to move into management quickly?

I’m going to NIPT fairly soon, is there anything I can do to prepare?

With the transition from NBIB to DSS in the future, will BI have to be retrained?

What is covered is in the “transitional” training period? Is it 100% online?



Greetings, and Thanks for the insight. I accepted an offer on Feb. 20, and have had my BI interview…waiting for word that I am granted an interim, and getting placed in a class.

Any idea on ~average~ times for new hires to get word on an interim and get scheduled? -my background is clean, with no issues other than lots of jobs since retiring from the P.D. 6 years ago…


Hello @srithikdatta -

I have been working with SCIS Investigations since December and prior to this I was working within the industry with both work in the field and support services.

Career progression is determined by performance. Work hard, do your job well and stay engaged.

NIPT is intense, there isn’t a better word for it. Your going to learn a lot of information in a short amount of time. You need to be focused. I really recommend tying up any loose ends that could distract you from learning this job before you start and get your home work space organized and start getting into the habit of good time management.

Transitional training is a newly added phase and it is virtual training aimed to help you prepare to make a transition from everything you’ve learned to applying to real work. The training team really does do everything they can to help you succeed, take advantage of all they have to offer.


The time it takes to get cleared is really a gamblers game, there is no clear timeline. I have friends who have gotten cleared in a few weeks and others who are approaching the six month mark. What your background is or what you’re applying for doesn’t really make a difference here. People are in this process across the board, you have to wait it out unfortunately. If the waiting timeline doesn’t work for you though, it’s best to express that concern sooner than later to the company sponsoring you. Companies have to pay money to sponsor your clearance, if your not in it for the long haul then don’t waste their time/money. I know a lot of people who started looking for other jobs after they’ve already been in the process and then once their cleared are like “oh yeah, actually I found something else.” Well that was possibly time taken away from someone else getting a clearance who is actually committed to starting and excited for the position, you know what I mean?


Hi Srith, I am also hoping to get into the SCIS training in September. My background should have been finished a couple weeks ago and I am assuming that it is now in adjudication, so I’m just waiting on the word for when I am able to start. Do you know the September training dates just for my own curiosity?
I haven’t been in touch with anyone from SCIS in a couple months, so I figure I am going to give them a call next week just to remind them that I’m still here and interested.
Thanks and maybe I’ll see you in training!


Hey KB,

I am in the process with SCIS too and hoping to be eligible for the September new investigator training course. My background interview with the OPM Agent was completed about a month ago and he made it sound as if the process would be fairly quick on his end. I already have a TS/SCI clearance from the FBI so I was hoping it would simply transfer over to SCIS but apparently not. Do you know if there are any contacts at SCIS or OPM that I could touch base with to find out if my investigation is still pending or perhaps in adjudication?
Thanks in advance for the information and I look forward to working with you!