Thoughts on SCIS

I applied the first week of May and just got accepted into a training class. They asked me to go to the September 7th class but it is too early as I am retiring from federal government service. I’m slotted to go to the training October 5th. I had a TS clearance with my current job so it did speed up the process.

I applied in October '17, was contacted for a video interview last May (it was so long that I forgot I had even applied for the job! Had to check my old emails to figure out what job I was interviewing for.).They made me a contingent offer in July, and I was just notified that I got the go-ahead for an October slot for NIPT. So, the process was/is going to be a solid year for me from the time I applied for the job, and I already had a Secret clearance in place from my last contractor job! I guess the takeaway lesson is… patience. No one’s favorite lesson, I know LOL. SCIS sounds like a great company, though. Hopefully worth the wait. Good luck to all still in limbo.

Oh, and if it’s helpful, I had my personal interview about three weeks before I got my green light and formal offer. The Special Agent who interviewed me said that BI candidates have high priority for Clearance adjudication. Sine, yanno, we’re supposed to help lighten the load and all.

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Hi, I was cleared to work the contract for OPM via SCIS, given a start date for my training 4th Jan 19, sorting flights etc, and then two days ago, a very curt lady from SCIS HR called me and just said they were no longer starting me, I could barely keep her on the phone to ask questions, she was so abrupt with me, I was in total shock. I put the phone down not knowing what to do, I called NBIB OPM and they said my file was still open so no conclusions had been made? I’m so upset, I just dont know where to turn. Any advice? help would be most appreciated. Thanks

Your file was still open and no conclusions had been made? As in your invest is still pending? If thats the case then that would be why they haven’t started you. I would suggest you follow-up with your recruiter for more info or contact the FSO if you’ve gotten any emails from them.

In case anyone attempts to send mail to the address listed, it bounces back as return to sender. I haven’t found an updated email for investigations recruiters as a whole.

Hello - I think I made a typo in this post! It is BIJOBS@SCISUSA.COM