Looking for a job as a BI

I’ve been looking into BI for about 2 years now , but now that I’m finally applying, I seem to have missed the boat on the best time for non credentialed people to apply. CACI, Perspecta, General Dynamics, and Constellis are only hiring credentialed people now. I’m guessing that has to do with the DOD taking over the OPM. So far SCIS seems to be the only group hiring entry right now. Does anyone know of someone in SCIS to talk to about their job, what they think of it and the company, and the hiring process?

@kat14 Good luck finding a job in this industry right now. I honestly advise you to forget about it and look for work in a different industry entirely.

Many changes to the investigation process have taken place over the last year that have greatly reduced the need for investigators and it’s likely going to get worse. This is not a good field to be in right now.

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I agree! They aren’t hiring new investigators anyway.

SCIS is hiring entry level investigators. Check their website, scisusa.com

I get mixed answers on whether they are hiring new investigators or not. At least they will still train new investigators, unlike most vendors in the industry. Unfortunately, the more these vendors do away with training and sponsoring clearances for entry-level BIs, the more closed of an industry it will become. Bad move on their part, but they can always blame the bottom line.

Also, you won’t find a job on these boards. You really should reach out to recruiters via email and social media. Even a phone call will surprise most hiring people.

Definitely go on LinkedIn. But I agree with you Harpoon! Big mistake

I dread hearing that because this is what I’ve wanted to do since I graduated. Do you know of any jobs similar to BI that would be hiring now?

LinkedIn has def. Helped but SCIS is pretty bad at getting back to people

Skip tracing and those background investigation companies employers use are similar in some ways.