Hiring freeze for non credentialed employees?

I’ve been applying for a lot of BI jobs, but I’ve noticed that for many companies like Perspecta, MSM, and ISN, there are very few jobs open where there are normally pages of them. I got in contact with a recruiter from ISN and she said they are on a hiring freeze for non-credentialed employees as they are being taken over by the DOD. Is this applicable for other companies as well or just ISN? I applied for CACI with a referral and I still got turned down. Are they getting more strict about hiring only SSBI cleared people? What other companies hire people without clearance but are eligible?

DoD assumed responsibility for the background investigation program in 6/19. This summer is the transition period which is supposed to end 1 Oct 19.

All of the NBIB contractors are supposed to move with the NBIB employees to DCSA (DoD) on 1 Oct 19.

MSM’s investigations assets is being acquired by SCIS.

CACI doesn’t work with non-credentialed and uncleared personnel, and they don’t seem to want to train.

ADC, Ltd. doesn’t train either.

Have you checked with GDIT?

I haven’t looked at ISN in a long time. Aren’t they basically a subcontractor for Perspecta?

SCIS is the best bet to apply with right now. At least they care enough to still offer NIPT and sponsor SSBI.

Will they start hiring non-cleared BI’s after that then?

I think ISN is still independent, but don’t quote me on that. I haven’t had a lot of luck with SCIS; Every time I try to message someone via Linkedin, my messages get ignored or dropped in the middle of the conversation out of nowhere. Not a problem with the other companies. I’ve even called SCIS to ask about their jobs, and I was answered by a very curt recruiter who didn’t seem interested in talking about the job. I’ve looked into GDIT, but they seem to only hire not only credentialed BI’s, but BI’s who already have a lot of experience. From what I’ve seen, the only companies that don’t require you to already have SSBI clearance are: Perspecta, SCIS, s2 technologies llc, and MSM. Everything else is kind of a dead end for now. When did CACI stop hiring non credentialed employees? My reference said he got one of his friends a job last year and he wasn’t cleared. Now, I can’t find a single job they’ve posted that doesn’t require it.

Kat14, I was in the process with scis. My recruiter was confident I was going to be hired with prior LEO, military, and clean credit. Had my last interview with them and everything stopped once they acquired the new company. SCIS was suppose to hire a total of 200 BI. Then it changed to 90 or so. I looked at those companies like you did and ran into the same road blocks. I think I have missed the train on this one. It seems the hiring spree was back in 2017.

Honestly, good luck with getting into the field right now without experience. As the work has slowed down, the current investigators are struggling to stay working. Perspecta and GDIT have both had to lay off employees. Those experienced investigators are now being picked up by other companies. Since there are so many people with experience to hire, no one is hiring anyone who needs training. You should continue to apply, but this may just not be the right time.

Agreed. There was another big hiring spree in 2015 when I first learned of the job. I’m hoping by next year, BI hiring will pick up again. Out of curiosity, when was your last interview with SCIS?