caci not hiring non credentialed now

I got in contact with a CACI recruiter who said they are not hiring non cleared BI’s now. Apparently they used to as my referral said that last year one of his friends got a job who wasn’t cleared at all and some of the people in his training class were recent grads with no experience who obviously weren’t cleared. With that said, is it the DoD taking over the OPM that’s changing current hiring conditions? If so, when do these companies start hiring non cleared people again?

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Perspecta and GDIT both recently laid off field investigators due to low work in certain areas. As these FI’s are all looking for new places to work, companies don’t need to sponsor clearances and train new people. They can easily just hire people with experience who are ready to work. This is most likely CACI’s reason and nothing to do with the DOD.