Investigator Shortage?

I’m just wondering, based on high turnover, and hiring problems, is there a big investigator shortage? I am continuously getting work assigned further and further away, to the point of having to do 300 mile round trips now.

It could be a shortage or Peraton and CACI are dealing with a bigger workload and don’t have enough investigators yet to deal with it. Both seem to be hiring like crazy.

Foolish mistake when DCSA went to 2 vendors.


Currently going through clearance with CACI. I wonder how long it will take. I had a valid but inactive clearance, not sure if this will make the process any faster. Last I heard they are processing May/June right now, I got the offer in August.

Unless it was a Tier 5, that last investigation barely helps you,

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I should be good then, or at least a bit faster.
Thank you!

Not sure where you are located, but where I am, I am being assigned interviews where the SF86 was signed in March/April, so in my area at least, it’s slipping into a slight backlog again. For a while, I was getting assignments were the SF86 was signed within the last 30 days. That’s no longer the case here.

During a team meeting last month our regional field director mentioned a backlog that was getting bigger.

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The backlog is getting larger every day since we went back in-person (for sources) in January. During COVID, there was no backlog since Sources were being interviewed via telephone. The drive time is what is causing the backlog.