DCSA and the proverbial opening of the floodgates

Apparently, DCSA is supposed to open the flood gates for work soon. Is this really going to happen? Soon was supposed to be after 10/01. Has not happened yet with a DCSA vendor I do work for. As an IC, they are only engaging and giving work to F/T staff which means the work must be low all around. I am growing tired of not being able to consistently work cases for OPM/NBIB and now DCSA. Makes it tough to run a business.

Has anyone heard when/if DCSA will be releasing work or are they hoarding their work for their federal staff? I also heard the backlog is now close to only 200,000 cases. I see the days of the Contractor whether that is an IC or F/T hourly with DCSA to be numbered. Not looking good.

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I think the backlog is gone. I was working cases that were only a month or 2 old.

Most of mine have been about a month old

With CE being put in place, there is going to be less and less work. Should be interesting to see that all shake out.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see everything go away except subject interviews and obtaining records. Sources seem to have less and less info, especially RESI and EDUC.


Are you hearing that source interviews will be done away with? You are painting a bleak picture.

Only top people know when the work will be released and they arent saying anything… we are preparing for no work for 45-60 days and again nobody knows anything.

IC here as well. I haven’t heard anything. I’ve asked the workload manager and just keep getting the standard “soon” response. I’ve been applying for other positions at 1/2 of what I made as an IC just so I can get away from this industry. Some income is better than none…
I used to get a decent amount of non DoD work but I haven’t see any of those since May.
Oh well… Good luck to you… Maybe next week my attitude will change…


I was working cases 3 weeks old…

@quickfix I think we are all starting to look outside of the industry because of this mess. Even people with 8-10 credentials and contracts are having difficulty staying busy. It’s not just the backlog that has decreased that is the issue…it’s other things that are writing on the wall such as continuous evaluation, continued backlog mitigation tools in place, and we are burning through cases when they do appear because of the small amount of coverage required to close a case. All of these pieces are like puzzle pieces to the puzzle that show me that this job is becoming more and more obsolete.

Throw in automation in general going on in the world and even though the federal government is a ways behind in automation, this will trickle into the BI industry and it already is being put into place with CE.

Good luck to you in your future endeavors.

Until there are major security issues do to the lack of real investigations.


No. Just speculation.

Yep. Policy is always reactionary.

Wasn’t sure which thread to post this in - Heard from a friend that CACI is having an all-hands DCSA call tomorrow. Who knows what that will bring?

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Come back and let us know how the meeting went once you have more details to share.

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Any info on the all hands?

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What I heard was they have no work and will evaluate wait in December


You are kidding right?

They will re-evaluate in December? So what do they do from now until December? Lay people off or continue to have their F/T hourlies work ten hours per week?

We are in sync because I asked that, and the person said it’s going to be the same things I think it’s really messed up the DCSA is doing this. They know the workforce is struggling and it’s as if they are stringing us along

Is this a survival of the fittest, where they are trying to thin out the herd to see who is the last company standing?

I cannot understand why DCSA would hand out thousands of credentials if they aren’t planning on using the contract workforce. Something doesn’t smell right. I’m wondering what DCSA has up their sleeve.

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