Abandoning the sinking BI ship

Today is my last day as An FI. I’ve enjoyed my time but the lack of 40 hours a week and being out of vacation time and living on leave without pay has driven me to the point of past due bills. Moving to private sector DoD company working in the security office. Good luck everyone.


Good luck with the new position. I’m just an IC but also can no longer go with zero to significantly reduced loads. Finalizing a startup business hopefully around Feb or March and I will be happy to leave the clearance world… Again good luck to you…


Congrats on your new job!

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Meatball - I’m sure that you ( like me) will have NO regrets about leaving the BI Industry.


What type of start up business?

Congratulations! I’m just waiting for an offer and I will be joining you on the leaving the Bu world journey! Ten plus years and I’m sad, but I have a family


Judging from the verbiage in the recent NDAA many more staff will soon be following.

It’s been quite and I’m interested to see how management reacts once the NDAA is signed.

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What changes might NDAA cause in the BI world?

What is NDAA? Nondisclosure?

Which specific verbiage are you referring to in the National Defense Authorization Act?

Congrats to all on the new chapter and good luck!

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The NDAA is several hundred pages long. Can you be more specific?

The NDAA calls for only 10% of the cleared population to be subject to periodic reinvestigations by Dec. 2021. It plans to replace periodic reinvestigations with continuous vetting techniques.

A plan within 90 days that describes how government will reduce the security clearance inventory to steady state of roughly 200,000 by the end of 2020.

Simplify the SF-86, use central hubs, and remote techniques to support or replace field investigation work. Build the capacity of the background investigation workforce.

Things will definitely continue to change.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA ) is the name for each of a series of United States federal laws specifying the annual budget and expenditures of the U.S. Department of Defense. The first NDAA was passed in 1961.

NDAA happens every year and it is where DOD was given the authority to study taking over BI. I guess you could say it was were DCSA was born.

That would be very unfortunate. I believe face to face interviews are a must. I develop information on a great percentage of my interviews. I guess the issues are just not important anymore.


I left too I tried it, and some aspects were good others terrible. But I had the opposite work experience, meaning I was a contractor paid per event. So they would refill after refile, taking my time and getting their work done for free essentially I’d start out with a boat load of files finish my work then the following week it would all get sent back with a laundry list of new (free for them) tasks to take care of. I was overworked under paid and living off savings to stay on top of my bills. I went back to real estate where I was before, and I just hooked up with First Command Financial Services that do financial advisor stuff. No more Government or Contractor work for me. I’ll stay in my lane and help folks optimize their money. It’s a shame the BI industry is a broken dinosaur, there are so many ways to fix it. I really wish it could have worked out. Too bad.


Good for you meatball! I just recently left (could not take it anymore) and now I am looking for work. May I ask what type of security or security office gig you found?


This will hurt the security clearance world. If the process works and identifies individuals, great. However, I think too many people will slip through the cracks. Too many people get cleared as it is with issues. They just hire a lawyer to get cleared.

Interviews allowed people to develop information that was not reported.


I’ve been in the BI field for just under 6 years. I’m leaving in January for greener pastures as well.


I spent a lot of time searching for personnel security positions, security office manager or assistant, facility security officer or alternate. I ended up in a security generalist postion. Keep in mind my work background is security office management with some time in background investigations.