The sun rises on the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency

Hi, I am a special investigator retained by the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency.

Say that 10 times really fast.

New credentials are lighter. Badge looks cheaper and lacks that large “US” on the NBIB shield that satisfied people when the badge was being flashed.

The gothic type for “Department of Defense” looks amateurish but maybe all DoD creds look that way.

This will be the third set of credentials in three years for this job…

Do they make you turn them in each time?

It’s intersting peoples perspectives on credentials.

NBIB Credentials were not that great…in fact I though they were a little hoaxy. In addition, the general public doesn’t know who NBIB was or is.

Nobody is going to know who DCSA is. It’s going to be confusing to the general public. It’s also a mouthful to say as you alluded. But it’s always been that way. Special Investigator retained by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. That’s also a mouthful.

The credentials are fine…it’s how you present yourself with professionalism and politeness with the public. Other than that this is just a new paint job. So far, I’ve seen nothing from DCSA that indicates anything is going to be different from the status quo.

I’m okay with the new creds, my NBIB creds definitely looked cheaper, never flashed the badge anyway. I just don’t understand the extra little flap that covers the photo on the creds

I cut that flap off so quickly with both my NBIB and DSCA creds. It’s so annoying and serves no purpose.

I did the same with the NBIB creds, with my luck though, I wouldn’t be surprised if it came back and bit me in the butt in the form of a “destruction of government property” charge lol.

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Congrats to you guys who received creds and still employed… What vendors are y’all with?

The new DCSA contractor shield looks a lot like the Air Force Security Police shield to me.


I agree, they are VERY similar. I’m assuming the badge looks different on the federal side? I figured it would have been the same thing, only gold instead of silver

I received mine today. I like the way it’s set. The old one would continuously slip out of place.

Fed is golden colored.

I don’t like the flap covering the one side of the creds either but I don’t cut it off for the same reason as investigator721 said lol.

I think it’s a mouthful to say as well but overall the change has been smooth (knock on wood…)

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I’m a former DSS/FISD special agent retired since 2010. I’m glad NBIB is returning to DOD. I liked the job a lot better under DSS. Hope you guys will too.

Most of us have been left out to dry as contractors with DSS or DCSA so I personally have not enjoyed the agency transfer to DCSA from NBIB.

Things are pretty rough for us Independent Contractors but apparently DSS wants the vendors to sort things out so it looks bleak.