How’s it going in the BI world

Hello Investigators,

How’s it going in the BI world? Since DCSA implemented the new ranking scheduling have you seen an increase in the schedulings.

No! In fact at SCIS we are on forced leave. A recent email seemed to point to additional forced leave and I expect addition RIFs.


DCSA workload has been light lately, I do have work on other contracts but definitely no increase in schedulings for DCSA work


Work out near Seattle area is pretty stable at least on contractor side. Not as much choice as to type of assignment - I’m assuming because of availability.

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I am back at full load. Was not expecting that.

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That’s good what region are you in?

Washington, DC area.

F/T in the West with the supposed #1 - I had work during the last week of Nov. A couple cases assigned this week - but who knows after that? I figure that I will spend my savings this December (since we have been told that there may, possibly, be more work after this quarter) and make a final decision then. An absurd situation.


MANY full-time CACI investigators in SoCal are still on LWOP. Very little work is coming in. Tier 1 investigators are being assigned work when it’s available.

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I think we need to accept that the future of the industry is unstable and we may need to find other means of employment.


I think we are a long way from full buckets again (I’m in the south), but the weekly messages have been positive from SCIS and the work seems to be coming in now, while it is still slow, at least it is consistent with what they have been telling us week over week.

I hope you’re right. I for one don’t believe a word they’re saying and am surprised to be working from day to day.


Our major full-time contract investigators seem to be working again. The part-timers, ICs, and sub contractors are not working.

I cant figure it out, we seem to be rocking on the fed side with work but I thought we only have like 30% of the pie?

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Who is the “Our” that you refer to if I may ask?

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Has anyone actually started with Omni? A friend of mine was told their training system was down, but another friend in the same area is currently going through the same contract. Doesn’t make sense. So it makes wonder are the agencies holding up the creds or the contractors.

All work goes to the Federal investigators first and whatever is left over goes to the contractors.

I am a fed investigator

If work first goes to the feds and whatever they don’t do is given to contractors there should be plenty of work for contractors!!

The left over work varies from location to location. Most of our work are initial T2, T3, and T5 with an occasional RSI.