Reduction in DCSA casework

Apparently there has been a pretty drastic reduction in agencies sending work to DCSA. This has resulted in a reduction in case assignments from DCSA. DCSA needs to keep their fed employees working so this is resulting in even less work for the contract companies. As some of you may already know, SCIS is reducing all FT employees to PT hours. I have no idea how any of the other companies are going to respond. Best of luck to all of us and see you all on the other side of this bull**it.


Yeah and this time, there will be no backlog. We are burning through cases and I know there has been an increase in productivity nationwide on the fed side.

If this drags on, I don’t see enough work to keep us feds, fed.

Feds working? Isn’t that an oxymoron? I doubt they will be spared at this rate. I think they call it furloughed. The work will still need to be done whenever this nightmare ends. And don’t worry the contractors will be there to save you…again!!


Oh how cute, another sour grapes post.

How boring.


LOL. Sour grapes. Nothing sour about stating a fact. There is less work going to DCSA therefore less work going to the contractors. DCSA is going to give work to their employees first. It’s a fact and the contractors will deal with it.

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Im a contractor and my work is normal. It slowed in jan and feb but im making money again. Working independent for perspecta

Was told today by my FM there is plenty of work now that we can call all over US…I’m FT with Pers.

Another CACI “leadership” call scheduled for Monday. At the last one, Butler started making excuses for DCSA and how the work might be slowing down. I don’t have any idea what will be delivered to the troops on Monday - good news, bad news or no news.

CE will all but make this job obsolete in many levels. I found out this week that ODNI who grants authority to all of these agencies to conduct federal BI’s is mandating all federal agencies to comply with CE.

So this job is basically going to be a retirement job for people or a very P/T sporadic job. And the federal government will lose all of their good career BI’s that provide high quality work because we won’t be able to sustain ourselves. The government will in turn get a retired criminal investigator that doesn’t have any skin in the game long term and we all know how poor their quality of work is for most of them. Anyways, it’s not looking good in the long term. I’m actively looking for other opportunities to parlay my experience and expertise as a BI for all of these many years. If a contract Investigator cannot make it with 8-10 credentials and working for 5 different vendors and three direct federal agencies as a contract investigator then nobody can make it.

CE is the death nail for the career BI. It’s over.


Update from CACI today - it is No News…Butler says the cases will be spread out among all (Fed and ISPs)…but “We’re #1” last quarter…E-Kips (as he says) are still being processed (even w/o finger-printing). I guess I should be happy that I still have medical insurance. Maybe GDITs move was the “smart” thing to do???

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One thing that is constant is the inane RZs. Guidance is to use virus for required note as to why interview conducted by phone. Several RZs from reviewers telling me I wouldn’t have conducted the interview for a source/subject 1000-3000 miles away in-person anyway. So change the reason to “as per current policy” or “just put a period in the FWS field.” This is despite the fact that I wouldn’t have been assigned these cases were it not for the virus. Some things never change still inconsistent, and people still need to justify their existence by changing “happy” to “glad”…


I’m wondering how much faster us contractors are going to be burning through DCSA work since we don’t have to spend any time on the road now.

I know for at least one other non-DCSA contract, work has halted completely and we aren’t allowed to contact subject’s or sources by phone for any reason, even to clarify minor info for RZ’s. Can’t wait for that flood of headache once restrictions are lifted, which I’m guessing won’t be for another month at the very least, but I’m expecting it to go on a lot longer

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Thank you for posting. I applied for a Public Trust Moderate SF 85P on Feb 03, 2020

This was for DHS through Perspecta but since that date I got like 4 additional requests for information but no EOD date.

Don’t know how long it’s going to take … been unemployed since then


I’ve had work on two contracts and was extremely busy. Caught up now - Once the phone interview approvals came through, the sky’s the limit as far as getting interviews completed. If the hours cut back didn’t happen ROI typing might get done just as quickly.

it seems with the Subjects working from home everyone has time to schedule the interview, participate in the interview and even provide documents and additional info. Phones are being answered and everyone seems willing! Much like roadwork construction, nows the time for companies to get their clearance work sorted out, submitted and adjudicated. FIs are working and ready to take assignments.

Phone interviews are the reason there is no backlog. Of course there is work all over. Once you go back in the field you’ll have nothing