Anybody Working

I’m in the Ft.Worth, TX area and haven’t seen work on CBP, ICE, UNI, or DCSA in months. Anyone else working? There has been no communication other than the CL saying work is picking up in some areas. WTH is going on?

I’m in Louisiana. My vendor has acknowledged that the slow down for DCSA is mainly due to no more backlog in several orgs. I’m contractor and get the leftovers but I’ve been steadily working with no major slowdown in my area luckily.

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There are way to many FI’s for the work, that’s the problem. The Vendor’s are in denial but DCSA has said all along what the number of FI’s will be needed going forward. I really think there will be a major shakeup when the prime contracts are up for renewal later this year.

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Leave the investigating to the feds.

Contractors are far better utilized in areas of support for various personnel security operations. That’s the original reason contract employees were first brought on to work with the federal government.

I have heard, but cannot confirm, that some agencies are in the process of getting rid of contract investigators and trying to keep personnel security operations in-house when it comes to investigations.

SCIS and Perspecta have several areas that are need of experienced background investigators. Check their websites and LinkedIn. I constantly see the hiring posts on LinkedIn.