Anybody Working

I’m in the Ft.Worth, TX area and haven’t seen work on CBP, ICE, UNI, or DCSA in months. Anyone else working? There has been no communication other than the CL saying work is picking up in some areas. WTH is going on?

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I’m in Louisiana. My vendor has acknowledged that the slow down for DCSA is mainly due to no more backlog in several orgs. I’m contractor and get the leftovers but I’ve been steadily working with no major slowdown in my area luckily.

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There are way to many FI’s for the work, that’s the problem. The Vendor’s are in denial but DCSA has said all along what the number of FI’s will be needed going forward. I really think there will be a major shakeup when the prime contracts are up for renewal later this year.

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Leave the investigating to the feds.

Contractors are far better utilized in areas of support for various personnel security operations. That’s the original reason contract employees were first brought on to work with the federal government.

I have heard, but cannot confirm, that some agencies are in the process of getting rid of contract investigators and trying to keep personnel security operations in-house when it comes to investigations.

Fortunately or unfortunately leaving investigating to the feds is why there has been so much historic backlog. “Alternative” agencies use contractors. Why is that?


Why is that? Good question wachurbk. Why is it that government workers can’t get the work done by themselves? Years ago in early 80’s I worked at the county hospital and boy was that an education in government employees. There was so much entitlement, everyone was a prema-donna and most felt they had graduated to a government job which entitled them not to work, or at least work very little. There was one minority in particular who never did any work on the job. I asked her why she never worked and she literally told me, " I don’t have to work because the county is getting paid for me to be here (affirmative action)." There are reasons why the government needs contractors.

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During my time in the Military, I saw so many lazy, useless civilians. They came to work to collect their paycheck, protected by unions. I am not saying they were all like this, but many were. There was no incentive for them to work.

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I started as BI with Omniplex in 2004, with USIS in 2006. Ups and downs, but always had work, in San Diego, California. Keypoint stepped up quickly when USIS folded. Now with 1 Force, but no work since 12/2019. May not matter now, but finally got to use Dragon several years ago.

In Texas too. No work for me on multiple contracts either for 6 months.

I’m in the DC Metro area and I have so many cases I’m barely keeping it under 40 hours a week. I know investigators in southern CA are doing well with case loads, too. But both of these places are places with historically regular and heavy workloads.


Unfortunately due to all the changes, reduction in case load and CE/CV, many, many BI’s I know personally are out of work and even many more are leaving this industry altogether. This definitely appears to be a sinking ship for all contract BI’s.

Yeah, its a sad time in the BI world.

Work seems to be picking up for me (full time/ca). For several months full timers barely had work. I’m aware many people are leaving the industry but I don’t think that’s the case for work increase in my area because I’m the only person in my area with my company. This is probably the first time since November that I didn’t think I would be laid off but I’m still not 100% sure this train will keep going because there are too many variables such as talk of upcoming contract options and the unknowns with dcsa… With all that being said the government can’t do this on their own, however with ce (another variable) who knows what’s going to happen.

Work seems to be steady in review, but we are getting assigned alot of cases that don’t have all the reports transmitted on them yet. I have noticed that DCSA is literally either closing or reopening my cases within days of me releasing them. When it was still NBIB, it would sometimes be months before a case I released to the customer was closed/reopened.

With the new DIP or Days In Process, Vendors are telling FI’s to submit items as we go versus waiting to finish everything before submitting, so review now sees partial transmissions. This keeps the FI’s DIP score low and acceptable. Competition between Vendors is driving this…


Congratulations on getting work! I got 2 none DCSA cases last week as well. So maybe it’s picking up?

So the adjudication isn’t as slow with DCSA, interesting.

In S Texas. No DHS or DISA or other contracts. Fully loaded BI with nowhere to go!
Am doing other freelance work in other industry for months; now 30 hrs a week. Momma has to feed her pets and hubby.


Me too Ihaterzs I have branched out to freelance as well!

What sort of freelance work?