DCSA taking back work?

Was talking with BI friend of mine who came across a fed agent. Through their conversation, the fed agent suggested DCSA was looking to bring back a larger portion of the workload from contractors. When asked what they would do with the contractors, the fed agent wasn’t sure. Has anyone heard of this or can confirm?

I, personally, cannot confirm anything in this crazy business at this point in time. However, If you read posts back to right after the ACBI conference, it was written that DCSA expects the number of contractor (meaning CACI, Perspecta, SCIS and their subs) investigators to be at 2000 for the anticipated case loads. DCSA issued 9000 new creds (IIRC). So, the Fed BIs would have a larger portion of the work (than they did during the backlog) once the reduction is finished. The Fed BIs I know are working full-time, hired a bunch of non-contractor people in 2019 to fill departures (all having some sort of priority) and don’t have a clue what we are going through.

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I have not heard of this rumor.
Currently the story goes= Feds get fed first - then the contractors split the remainder each day.

The only time I know we take back work is when a contractor leaves.