ACBI Conference

I am a member of ACBI but was not able to make it to the conference. Does anyone who made it care to comment on some key takeaways from today? I’m especially curious as to what DCSA has to say about the inventory and future demand.

Probably a lot of “atta boys” and the companies and agencies patting themselves on the back.

In all seriousness, I’d like to know what DCSA said regarding the current inventory and what their long term plans are with backlog mitigation now that the backlog is over and Continuous Evaluation. Do they plan to keep contractors? Or go away from contractors? What’s the plan DCSA?

What I see happening is DCSA will string the contractors along until contract renegotiation time and then the big changes will happen when DCSA can drop the contractors without worrying about lawsuits and litigation.


I went. Wednesday was mostly DCSA patting itself on the back. Thursday was more useful for BIs. A few key takeaways:

CE - Instead of periodic investigations, holders will be continuously evaluated. Credit checks, law checks, etc will be ran often. TESIs will be triggered if anything comes up. ESIs will be conducted randomly instead of every 5 or 10 years. The process for how ESIs will be selected was not explained.

The DCSA industry is vastly over staffed. As of the end of FY 2019 there are 6000 BIs but only enough work for about 2000. I knew we were over staffed but I didn’t think it was that bad.

The new case methodology was explained, it we’ve all received emails on that.

Many non-DCSA agencies are needing more BIs, especially FBI and USAID.

Several agencies are looking to allow BIs to be trained on a contract without having first been hired by a company or agency. Who would hold the clearance and pay for it is unclear. Likely nothing will actually come of this.

There were other takeaways I’m sure others could add. The best part of the conference was networking with the companies and agencies. With the lack of DCSA work and all the layoffs getting to submit resumes and meet hiring managers was encouraging.


Great info. Thank you for sharing.


DId DCSA say at the ACBI conference that they only need 2,000 Investigators now? Does that number include feds and contractors? Or is that the Fed or contractor number?

Did DCSA indicate they have less need of Investigators or is this something that you are surmising?

DCSA wants to keep a backlog of around 200,000 cases at a time which is only enough work for 2000 BIs. Those numbers did not include feds. No idea how many they have.


So you are telling me that this contractor industry needs to trim the fat of 4,000 Investigators? I don’t see that happening. Lots of F/T Investigators will become contractors so I’m assuming lots of Investigators will remain competing with each other for P/T work.

Here’s what DCSA really needs to do:

Directly independently contract with IC’s and end the vendor relationship. Take the best, the brightest, the most tenured, and experienced.

End the madness.


Yes, according to DCSA. Funny thing, when a BI asked about being over staffed during Q&A, they said it was a matter for the contract companies to figure out and then quickly moved on.

I was there as well. I always enjoy meeting other BI’s and comparing notes. DCSA was somewhat non- commital imo…no surprise there as they were not about to be definitive in areas where one would prefer them to be. It’s always “we have to wait and see”. My focus was to absorb and evaluate whatever was being proferred . Direct hires was also a focus as I’m with the two best contractor companies in the industry. ATF prefers former LE, which works for me…all in all a good time.

DCSA does not care about Contractors. They will do what they need to do and the Contractors will adjust. DCSA basically said 2000 BI’s. That’s the work they give out. Yes the Contractors will have to trim fat or lose money. The writing in the wall tells me that when the prime contracts are up for renewal, DCSA will send a lot of Contractors down the road…

I went on Wednesday, but couldn’t go on Thursday because I had to go and set up my appointment for my DC guard card and my new hire orientation for the flex security officer position I picked up about a couple of weeks ago.

DCSA seemed a bit distant, just as everyone on here has said so far. Handed out my resumes to a number of companies. Also met someone who said the FBI needed some BIs. I have to call her today to be sure that her contact there is still looking for some BIs. Met a project manager from GDIT who said that they were trying to get some of their BIs back. ::roll_eyes: I gave her my resume, but I’m not expecting a call back from them. Wish I could have been there for USAID and FBI on Thursday, but as I said, I had to get all of my security guard stuff set up so that the site manager wouldn’t have the urge to text me every day to find out what my status was. I would definitely attend again, this time I would be able to shell out the money to attend for both days. Good thing it was local.

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