Current DCSA Workload

Does anyone have any concrete information regarding the current lack of cases out from DCSA? Hearing different things- that work is going to rebound heavily in upcoming weeks or that it may take longer than that.

I hear conflicting information. Supposedly work is coming and no real changes are being made but then the rumor mill says the opposite. SCIS is currently hiring for BIs but I saw Prospecta is laying BIs off. The companies just need to come out and tell us what’s going on.

At GDIT they consistently told us how NBIB was happy with us etc and things were good…right up until they told us they were not going to renew the contract. Take everything you hear with a grain of salt.


ISN is acting like there is an uptick in work and things will slowly start improving as the fiscal year starts rolling. As far a backlog, the backlog has obviously grown lately as DCSA hasn’t been releasing work but the work still exists.

What’s sad is I heard the exact opposite. Perspecta has the work and the other vendors are getting shafted.

Reminds me of National Lampoons Animal House. Kevin Bacon at the end telling everyone “remain calm, all is well, all is well!” just as he gets trampled. USIS used to say the same thing when they had the data breach and caught pushing through ROI’s without proper review. They thought they were too big to get kicked to the curb.

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ISN still have a work force? I thought everyone was laid off minus a hand full of people.

I applied as a 1099…dead air

ISN cut back to survive but they still have a workforce and still trudging along…