No Work on DCSA Contract

FYI-I was told by someone working at the mine that there’s no work at the mine, which is where cases initially enter the system. So… no work coming in and minimal work already there. How is work going to be “released soon” when apparently there is no work. That’s the true state of things so make plans accordingly, such as look for another job that doesn’t involve DCSA. Or don’t believe the information and be left holding the bag after all other jobs are taken by the planners who don’t gamble or chase air castles.


Does anyone know how much work perspecta got today? I think today was their day for work

Out West - CACI full-time = no work, yet. Perspecta - no reduction in work for F-T or availability for Ind. Contractors. Don’t know what is happening with SCIS.

Contractor for Perspecta in Texas. Have had one case in two weeks. Begging for work nothing!

Perspecta IC in FL… The work keeps flowing. No issues here…Tdy opportunities too…

So much mixed msgs on here but may be a regional issue

IC here also in the south with SCIS. Have not had a new case since September. But we keep getting those emails saying all good things… More work is coming, etc. What is the purpose of them saying it? Do they honestly believe it, don’t know, or just don’t care.

I am getting no work. Same area. Ranking “A” employer. The last 2 weeks have been the worst yet for me.

Don’t know what the deal is. Same thing at CACI, all hands call and emails indicated all good things and work was to resume and pick back up (albeit, they were unsure how much it would pick back up.) However, there has been absolutely nada, zilch. Is DCSA not communicating with its vendors as to what is going on? Are vendors turning a blind eye to reality and stringing staff along? Both? It’s getting a tad bizarre at this point.


Any changes with the workload?

Its difficult to tell.

That’s exactly what GDIT did before they laid everyone off… it was all rainbows and sunshine from upper management, until it wasn’t.


Any more work for you in Texas?

I quit perspecta. Too tired of no work and reopens constantly. Went to Omni super happy.


OMNI…Are you IC or FT or PT? I am in Texas too, no work. You working phone cases now?

Me, too. Perspecta was a mess!

I am contractor. I have enough to keep me busy but I have to drive around and take some items 3 or 4 hours away but I’m fine with that right now. Any work is good work.

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By far the best decision I ever made. Don’t miss that company one bit.