SCIS Team Lead Opening in AZ.?

Not sure where the AZ TL went but he’ll be missed. Has anyone heard anything about what happened to the TL? Here today gone tomorrow. It’s a known fact that when Mgt. leaves it could be a bad sign.

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Not a good sign! Not been feeling very confident for the future of Investigators.

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TL from what company?

SCIS (in Subject line)

SCIS has no work. They are being given very little work in most areas of the country. I think CACI and Perspecta are getting more consistent and larger quantity work offers from DCSA than SCIS. I wonder if SCIS will even remain on the contract if this continues for much longer.


CACI is NOT getting very much work :worried:

Agreed! I know quite a few investigators all over CACI, and they aren’t getting work. Still on leave without pay

I work for SCIS and have plenty of work now. Work has been coming in ever since the PMR.


My guess is you are a F/T hourly employee and that is the reason you are getting work. Independent Contractors with SCIS are getting little to no work.

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Did the person commenting and questioning what happened to the TL in AZ ever get an answer as to what happened? I’m sure that TL knows what’s going on in our world?

No answer yet. My wild guess is he knows what’s coming and decided to take time off and enjoy the holidays.