SCIS Indeed Job Posting

Any new SCIS job postings?

You’re on the internet and you can’t look on Indeed yourself?


Ahhh my Padawan friend - the part time force is strong with that one question of yours.

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Bruh… you changed your post from “there are a bunch of part-time openings in CA” to asking if there are any lol. Trying to trick people into getting into investigator jobs as the industry tanks.

Good job grasshopper. Coming soon to a town near you, almost free labor and no benefits.

Did you notice a part time, on call position?

Is that where things are headed? If not laid off then part time but probably just on call?

That means unemployment. I hope they get a move on it while the extra $600 per week covid unemployment bonus is still in affect.

This reminds me of what GDIT “offered” at the end. IIRC, it was for the CBP contract and I don’t think anything came of it (either for Investigators or GDIT). It seems like a “fishing” expedition for SCIS (and maybe for the ISN 1099 offering), so that the companies can see if they can land/continue contracts with no commitment to investigators. Maybe for the re-bids for the new fiscal year?


It absolutely sounds like a fishing expedition.

Do you know when the rebids are for dcsa, ice, or cbp?

Sorry, I don’t follow the contract that closely. I believe that I have read (and heard on all hands calls) that 10/1/20 is the beginning of the last year of the current 5 year deal. The re-bid cycle could have started (or at least be in planning stages).

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Rebids are all coming up. Announcements should be made in 2021.

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hey RPK, yepper the rebids are going to be interesting as the whole process is quickly evolving.

If contract companies still exist after the rebid I strongly suspect changes to company models. Why else would SCIS be advertising for part time on a nationwide basis when full timers are currently on mandatory reduced hours. Best of luck to them…

I don’t know if anyone really knows what the contractor-fed model will be in the future. Everything is a guess these days.