Perspecta layoffs

I guess Perspecta is suffering from a lack of work and layoffs have started to happen. There were a few on my team who got cut and they were good performers so good luck to everyone out there

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sideshowbob, can you elaborate? Were those laid off full time investigators? Contract investigators? Other? Can you share any details?

The ones laid off on my team were full time investigators. I don’t really have any other details other than management saying they don’t expect more layoffs but I have a feeling there will be more

I’m sorry. That sucks. Hope you survive.

We lost 5 full time investigators in my org

were the layoffs discussed beforehand or a surprise? This is so scary.

It was a surprise, unfortunately

Any other companies laying off besides Perspecta? GDIT, CACI, SCIS?

I saw this coming many many months ago but nobody listened to me. I could see this happening as soon as the backlog shrunk and also knowing that the field is still oversaturated with too many background investigators. As long as NBIB/DOD continue this backlog mitigation thing, expect more layoffs. Then when continuous evaluation happens, expect even more layoffs. Only the best and highest producers at the lowest cost to these companies will survive.


It is clearly time to leave this industry. It is unstable.


GDIT had a round of RIF’s in January and 2 more rounds last month. Each time they’ve done a RIF they’ve said there won’t be another one. Lol

JusLook - Agreed. I’m going back to school for another field entirely… a lot of people I’ve been suggesting do this have decided it’s better to stick their heads in the sand. Good luck to them, but I plan to have hopefully moved on by the time all this goes down.

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One of the people on my team has been pretty much #1 for production all year and they were cut, the others that were let go were top performers as well, outperforming myself and many others on the team. It was definitely a surprise to hear they got cut. Makes me wonder how they pick who goes and who stays.

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If you or any of your colleagues were laid off by the other companies. Reach out to SCIS. They are hiring.


@sideshowbob do you think Perspecta will have another round of layoffs?

I hope the people laid off will find something fast. It’s sad they did not warn people before letting them go. My friend said they contacted her on Friday while she was on vacation

That is awful. I wonder if the people let go were also the highest paid Investigators?

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I would say yes, but that’s just my opinion. If work doesn’t pick back up within the next couple of months then another round of layoffs wouldn’t surprise me. From what I understand, NBIB isn’t releasing work to the prime contracting companies for some reason (my guess is that it’s something to do with the merger) I was supposed to go TDY to a couple of different locations but all of a sudden the trips were cancelled last minute because work wasn’t available in those areas

So ironic…Keypoint Hiring Blitz

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Saw it coming when investigations that were submitted in Aug were being worked in September.

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High producers = more pay. Cut them first and leave the new people making less money.

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I would say yes. Better to keep the lower paid individuals.