Back in the field?

Anyone have any insight into when field work will resume to normal? I took this job because I didn’t want a desk job all day every day.

Your problem is the old “beggars can’t be choosers.”

You took a job specifically to snub your nose at a desk job so that you can say you don’t have a desk job, but now you don’t have work in your field job?

Good luck.

There has been no specific dates tossed out for going back into the field. In fact, it seems Management is liking the video interviews – a lot.

Too much money to be saved, cases closed outpacing cases opened, meeting the national standards for timeliness not seen in years, yeah, management is loving this.

Pretty much can kiss the field goodbye.

If you’re working other contracts besides dcsa you’ll be back in the field at the crack of the first chance they get. Alternate contracts DO NOT like phone interviews–big no no with them.


There is some movement on the alternates so casework is getting started again.

I think the contractor companies will keep a large portion of their full time employees on the less than 40 hrs per week schedule. Near same case load (for some areas) same due dates, same expectations but with less paid hours to get the work done.

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By the way, a former coworker at Perspecta said they’re getting paid time off (17 hours last week) for the past three weeks under the Care Act which apparently they were approved for by the government but other companies have not been approved. Or maybe other companies have something up their sleeve which is preventing them from accepting the Care Actt? I don’t see how one company can be approved but another isn’t? We’re being told they’re waiting for approval, which is three weeks after Perspecta was approved. Perspecta might be the only company planning to continue full time employment. We were told to apply for unemployment for working less hours which nobody can get due to “excessive earnings” which I’m sure accounting was aware of, but it sounded nice at the time. I personally would love working 4 days a week permanently. Oh and that’s why I won’t be meeting expectations and if they don’t like it unemployment is about $2000 per month which will no doubt be extended for 2 years like it was in 2008. It’s a win/win after 20 years of this nonsense.

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Interesting news about Perspecta. It’s always the same damn carrot on a stick promise - we are working to make things better we will let you know the results soon. Soon never seems to have a now phase. I then remember the claim of transparency.

I’m stuck in tunnel vision searching for the light. Not giving up hope yet.

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