Work slow down?

How are the workloads looking with the contract companies? I have heard it is very slow. I’m getting concerned.

Depends on which sector. Security sector has had many new positions come up in recent weeks.

With the clearance backlog I do not envision a slow down. If anything more investigators are being added, and that may lighten the case loads as investigator numbers continue to grow.

The workload is never ending. I transmit one case and I get 2 more. Not complaining though, happy to be employed.

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Judging by how many I put into process I agree. With a 400 person, growing to 430 plus person contract I security screen/interview upwards of 20 each month. We really try to not waste your time and deny SF86’s to up to 75% - 90% of the applicants. There will always be a few who are not truthful concerning recreational use timelines or finances.

There are a few companies that seem to be lacking work in some areas. That is odd with such a backlog.

I am a contractor for 2 companies and based in the Charlotte NC area and being told that NBIB just isn’t releasing work… I’m concerned also.

Been very slow in my area for months. Midwest.

I am hearing about a lot of slow downs. Not sure if it is long term or not…

The workload in the DoD universe seemed to slow last summer, shortly after DSS announced they were increasing the CE program.

I am retired military and saw the CE program not work in the late 1990s / early 2000s. As a security person I have concerns about CE replacing (instead of supplementing) the PR process. As a minimum, the Subject interview should remain as too few Subject’s correctly complete the SCA, most by accident, a few intentionally…

Do you work at DOD CAF? Pending final adjudication of a NACI

For the CE Program, the ‘Close Date of the last investigation’ will now be the date that the member entered the program (which is visible in DISS, but not JPAS). So, even though the member is enrolled in the CE Program, we (military) are being told that the 10 years for SECRET and 6 years for TS/SCI will still be the timelines to re-do the BI.

Very slow in the Norfolk, VA area right now, which is mind boggling with the Navy base being here as well as an Army and Air Force base being fairly close along with a NASA facility and gobs of shipyards.

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I agree. I feel like (based on my limited understanding of how CE will work) that if anything TESI’s should become more frequent, but be closer to SUBC if that makes sense…

For example if a large transaction pops up from FINCEN, or a bankruptcy shows up on the credit report, or we get a hit from local law enforcement there was a DUI incident we’d call the subject up to have a brief sit down about the issue. It might take 30 minutes as opposed to an hour and half, but it would still happen to get an explanation and while we’re at it we’d just make sure they haven’t gotten divorced/married or moved or anything else.

Maybe I’m just not understanding how CE will end up working at all and this is just me being hopeful.

Also, you’re spot on about how nobody seems to be able to submit a decent questionnaire. I can’t tell you how many sailors I’ve interviewed that have their current duty station listed as the only place they’ve ever been assigned, meanwhile they’ve listed that they’ve lived all over the world during the same timespan they’ve supposedly been at their current posting. “So how was your morning commute from your residence in Rota, Spain to your place of employment in Norfolk, VA?” Little things like which are obviously just innocent mistake due to now knowing how to fill out the form are what happens pretty frequently.


I know a few people around large military installations with little to no work. Makes no sense.

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I’m a contract investigator in a large sun belt metro. In the two years I’ve been doing this there’s always been more work than I can handle. This week the spigot was turned off. No understanding as of why. Record POCs who deal with lots of investigators hear the same thing.


Yeah I’m near one. Hardly anything here.

Who do I notify if I moved?

Are you an investigator? Tell your field sup and they’ll point you in the right direction.

If you aren’t an investigator then you’re in the wrong thread, but I’ll tell you to just let the investigator that does your interview know.

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Who’s my field sup? Who do I tell I’ve moved other then my employer if I have a clearance?