Work slow down???


How are the workloads looking with the contract companies? I have heard it is very slow. I’m getting concerned.


Depends on which sector. Security sector has had many new positions come up in recent weeks.


With the clearance backlog I do not envision a slow down. If anything more investigators are being added, and that may lighten the case loads as investigator numbers continue to grow.


The workload is never ending. I transmit one case and I get 2 more. Not complaining though, happy to be employed.


Judging by how many I put into process I agree. With a 400 person, growing to 430 plus person contract I security screen/interview upwards of 20 each month. We really try to not waste your time and deny SF86’s to up to 75% - 90% of the applicants. There will always be a few who are not truthful concerning recreational use timelines or finances.


There are a few companies that seem to be lacking work in some areas. That is odd with such a backlog.