NBIB workload expectations (?)

Interesting to read the comments here about NBIB workloads being diminished and potential for the work to come back. I am in the same boat as an independent contractor-- the work dried up in my area a few months ago and now I am limited to TDY if I want to work. From my perspective, I am wondering how much workload we even have the potential to see in the future. Continuous Evaluation is here-- the military units in my area started using it in March and the vast majority of the T5Rs for military and civilian employees on the base went away. At least one government agency was still sending clean T5Rs to the field as of June, but I think it’s just a matter of time until all offices come on board with CE. The vast majority of the T2’s and T3’s are now being done via telephone, but it’s been a long time since any have been assigned to the field (I think Perspecta is assigning the phone TESI’s to full-time employees who don’t have enough work in their area? At least that is what I heard). That leaves T5’s and T4’s untouched (though with reduced requirements for sources/records compared to the requirements of a couple years ago). So, the question is, how many investigators will be required to handle the T5’s/T4’s along with the few T5R, T3s and T2s that need to be done in the field? It looks to me like the amount of work that potentially will be available will be greatly diminished compared to what it was in the past. And certainly not enough to keep all the contract FI’s fully employed. If I am missing something, someone please talk me off the ledge . . . .

Good Luck to you. I hope work turns around at some point

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We were just notified that GDIT is no longer in the opm business

@SMelv144 Yeah that has me wary of SCIS. GDIT went crazy hiring people last year only to turn around and lay everyone off.

They were hiring last month. I know a few people who were offered jobs by them.

Yeah I interviewed with SCIS last week. The interview lasted about 20 min and the questions weren’t really interview questions to get to know me. They actually didn’t ask about me at all. I am a seasoned investigator 10+ years, but it was weird that it was that short.


You are thinking exactly the way I have been thinking for months. You obviously have some foresight into what you are seeing and what is currently happening. Most NBIB’ers don’t have the foggiest clue what is going on and how all of this will affect them in the near future. Ever since I saw what the backlog mitigation has done (even in the beginning stages of early last fall), I have been extremely wary of NBIB/OPM keeping me busy in my market. Feds are in constant TDY rotation in most areas of the country. Contractors are on constant TDY rotation now.

You are exactly right…with the “dumbed” down coverage requirements now, the backlog will never occur again like it did from 2014-2018. That type of backlog will more than likely NEVER happen again. Now Investigators work through an initial investigation in one to two days at times. That’s how easy things are now. We are all burning through work so quickly.

Because of the 750,000 case backlog during that time frame from 2014-2018, OPM/NBIB allowed the contractors/vendors (Perspecta, CACI, GDIT, and SCIS) to hire way too many people and oversaturate most markets in the country. We now need less than half of the Contract Investigators we have nationwide in the country currently. The layoffs have to happen to trim the fat unfortunately and have the right amount of investigators working cases.

Now with CE coming into play as you mentioned and eliminating a lot of Periodic Reinvestigations, this industry has been turned on its head upside down. I don’t expect many of us can survive and weather the storm long enough unless you are retired and have a pension or if you are an IC and can find P/T or F/T work and keep your creds alive by taking enough work to keep a vendor happy.

Don’t forget that the new agency, DCSA, may want to bring on their own contract companies. Whose to say that CACI, Perspecta, and SCIS will even be on the contract in the future?? Whose to say that DCSA will even use contractors in the future?? I think this will look a lot different a year from now. Mark my words…you will remember this post and remember that this new DCSA agency is going to come out with some surprises and even surprise me a little.

Best of luck to you and I hope things work out for us IC’s. You sound like an intelligent and seasoned investigator and I’m sure you’ll find a place somewhere to utilize your talents and abilities.

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That is my concern. They are letting too many people with issues get clearances as it is, and with the new process, I see it getting worse. They should keep the investigators and tighten up the requirements to get a clearance. Too many people with financial issues, drugs, alcohol and criminal past getting clearances. But if a computer can do the job, people aren’t really needed.

So do you think they are a good company to work for

SCIS Investigations has been hiring/growing steadily and consistently overall since their program was founded. They also recently acquired a segment of MSM and are hiring investigators for work on multiple intelligence sector contracts in addition to the NBIB contract, including ICE, CBP, and intel, along with providing their team members opportunities to leverage investigative experience.

What geographic areas is SCIS hiring in?

Read through these boards and I think you might find this has happened before and can. Investigators were hired in certain areas that at the time were needed. By the time their clearances came through, the workload needs had changed (either due to changes in the work or the workforce) and the offers were put on hold or rescinded. Some of those who were already cleared were offered other positions within the company (such as reviewer positions) or asked if they would be willing to relocate. I can’t say that will happen in your case, but I would not quit the job I had counting on this if I were you.

I’ve got an open application with SCIS. It’s been sitting there for nearly 2 months. No responses from the recruiters either. All that after their big announcements on social media that “we are hiring!” entry-level and experienced.

For a company that is proud of offering training and sponsoring clearances, they seem to not really want to take on anyone without experience ATM. The job market is more ADD than a 12 week old poodle.

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I applied with SCIS a couple of years ago and never heard anything back. I have experience on multiple contracts and have held several clearances, including TS/SCI with full scope poly. I don’t know why they don’t respond, especially when they are advertising constantly.

The other contractors or their subs contacted me right away after I had applied.

Working on finding out and I’ll let you know

Is there a certain region you’re interested in? There are specific positions/locations on the SCIS Careers website, but if there aren’t any active postings for your local area, email Katrina Baronetski, Recruiting Supervisor, Investigations, and include your resume with the email.

Following up: SCIS Investigations Recruiters will be in touch with you throughout the waiting period while your clearance investigation is underway. In the event that something should come up, your recruiter will walk through that situation with you.

Beware of what KB is telling you, it is not true. They will leave you hanging followed by long periods of silence. Then whenever you inquire as to your status, they will respond when clearance investigation is favorably completed you will be given a start date. Kept me hanging for quite a long time, after my favorable clearance investigation, more silence and hanging, then one day KB sends you an email on a Friday end of business hour that you position is not needed anymore. She won’t ever return your calls or emails. Yes, I am talking about KB.

Sorry to hear that. I wish that the recruiters and hiring managers understood that people aren’t applying for jobs for fun. We are applying because we need them. I have been speaking to a company for a couple of weeks. Just last week spoke about the position again. He asked me when I was ready, sent the contract and then this morning says we aren’t able to bring you on due to workload. It would seem to me that they would have known the workload situation prior to talking to me and wasting both of our time. So if you are out there and you make decisions, please get back to people and let them know. Extend the common courtesy that you would want your self.


Pretty sure companies don’t pay, Fed does

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