NBIB Contract and unavailability coming to a complete halt

Has anyone noticed that there is little to none NBIB work in many markets throughout the nation? I’m hearing of many Feds having to TDY due to no work. I’m hearing of contractors TDY’ing all over the country. Basically what is going on is the backlog is no longer a backlog in many locations except for probably locations such as Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and California. Other than those locations, the backlog is caught up and there is a major over saturation of the number of Investigators nationwide. ODNI backlog mitigation is still in place and CE is in the horizon. A day or reckoning is coming to the NBIB workforce.

I have noticed a few companies are still hiring a lot. I am concerned about what will happen to our jobs. What area are you in?

May or may not be relevant, but I just got notified of a person clearing to Secret…in 7 months. Major improvement from 12 months which was my new normal since October.

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I have seen quite a few done in 3 months as of late, while othwrs submitted over a year ago languish.


Many are rescinding the offers. From what I can tell my area has dried up, and near 3 major military installations.

For reference, I submitted my SF-86 in a large metro area (nyc/dc/bos/la) in Feb 2019 and received a call to interview in April. My investigator was tdy from somewhere in the Midwest as well. Does this sound unusually quick to you guys?

Going for a Top Secret as well.

Just this week i interviewed someone who completed their case papers within the first week of April. I’m in the southeast region and the workload is quite current in my area.

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I interviewed someone today who completed theirs last week. Very current in my area, although work is MUCH more plentiful than it was in December/January. Midwest region.

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Yeah I’m getting nervous with all the rumors. Is it more because of the transition or is it truly because we are phasing out. I know a couple of companies who bid on the DSS contract though so that’s where I’m like ok

This might be a bad sign too. I know there are ways to move a case to the front of the line, but if the backlog is gone, they will need significantly less investigators.

I’m getting a crazy mix of cases. Cases from 2017 and I have a case where the subject filled out the case papers on 4/25/19.

I was seeing the same before I quit after my year.

I heard ISN is now off of the NBIB contract.

I think they want quantity over quality. They are already clearing way too many people with issues, and if this happens, that trend will continue.

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In a meeting last week, NBIB still has an inventory of 500,000 cases. While this is a significant drop, investigation case times are still upwards of a year with the exception of the T2 and T3 cases where there are no flags. These are being done in the two to three month range.

I was thinking of switching to ISN! So what are they doing?

Actively seeking a prime.

Confirmed. They are under CACI now. By the way ISN is a great company to work for.

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I know a lot of the ISN principle leadership, they are a great bunch of folks. If you can get on with them, you will be treated better than most other contractors.

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How is CACI…

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