Cleared but BI job no longer available, now what?

I know this issue has come up in the past and folks were able to switch companies. I am OPM/NBIB cleared, was waiting on new investigator training dates, and was just told my spot is rescinded due to changing client needs. I just want to work. Does anyone know which, if any, companies are currently hiring for “new” independent contractor BI’s? Thanks!

You can look in your area, but if the work is not available, you probably will not be brought on as an independent.

Also, do you have experience with working NBIB investigations?

what company rescinded your offer?

I hope this isn’t with the company that I was cleared with. Haven’t been updated with training dates yet. :disappointed:

That makes sense, thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately, I don’t have prior experience.

Perspecta. I was cleared in November.

Sorry to hear that. Same company for me also. Looks like I’m going to have to find other jobs within my area. When did they notify you of your offer being rescinded? Was it through letter or email?

I found out yesterday by email. It was a real letdown, but hopefully there will be other opportunities out there. I hope you get positive news from them regarding training dates soon - good luck!

Good luck to you also! At least you have already been thought the process and you’re favorably adjudicated. You pretty much can apply for another job and skip another long waiting period.

Yeah work is really slow. Keep looking. It’ll pick back up

DoD taking over the investigations and the end of NBIB on 1 October has disrupted the “Force” toss in the CE process being ramped up and who knows when things will be back to normal.

have you heard how this will affect the NBIB contracted companies and Investigators?

The process is supposed to be seamless. DCSA is planning to absorb all of the contract investigators with the move.

All BI’s should consider joining ACBI (Assoc of Certified Background Investigators). It’s a great resource for both and provides the latest employment opportunities from contract companies as well.

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so, NBIB phasing out is causing work to dry up in some places?

Work dried up in July 2018. The reason is not known but there are many WAGs.