CACI Reviewer Offer on Hold

A couple months ago I was interviewed and offered a Case Reviewer position with CACI. I did the SF86, did an investigation interview, did fingerprints and even have a PIV credential/card all ready to go. My case was on the fast track and I was pretty sure I had no problem getting adjudicated (at some point). All systems were go to attend the Reviewer training in early December but then I get the word from HR that they will not be holding the training in Dec and not sure when classes will start back up again. Basically, my offer letter was rescinded, but according to the HR rep, I’m still in the “pipeline” to be one of the first slated for training the moment they know when training classes will be manned up again. So, I’m stuck in this limbo of having a job with this company…at some point. Is it worthwhile to stick it out or should I cut my losses and move on? I’ve seen chatter on this forum that CACI has a PMR coming up in Nov (not sure what this is) and there is a rumor that CACI might not continue the contract with DCSA. Any advice is welcome as I’m obviously inexperienced with this field. Thanks!

Your best bet is to keep searching for other work if you need it, the whole industry is a mess right now


Oh, boy. I am tempted to say move to on. Another contractor had layoffs today. There is no work for the investigators and it’s unclear when it will pick up. If you are able, you can wait until mid November to see what happens. No one can tell you for sure when and if CACI will be able to bring you on.

Yeah I just search under the investigator tab and see what the industry is doing. It’s not very stable right now

Regardless of which way things go for you, see if you can find out the status of your case. You may be able to say you have gotten a favorable determination (or at least recently completed investigation), which may help you if you end up looking for a different job. Good luck!