CACI- Honest workload question

Im currently in the hiring process and have read almost every thread on here, glassdoor and also indeed. The most common thing i see is that investigators are overworked, work over 40 hrs unpaid and not realistic metric system. But most reviews are atleast 2+ years old. Most of the recent reviews seem much better. Im trying to ge a better sense on what to expect in regards to these 3 things. Id be working in a major city close to multiple military bases. Im assuming the workload is huge but would also think it would be easier to hit your numbers because of that? (Alot of things to do to reach your goal). Can any current BI give any insight on these things or from someone who worked there within the last year. Have things gotten better within the company compared to years past based on the other reviews? Bonuses still given out? Honest chance of promoting to level 2?
Thanks for any advice.

The workload is a LOT! CACI is a decent company (benefits are great!), but honestly does not pay their Investigators what they’re worth. Production metrics are unrealistic. It’s almost impossible to met production metrics without going over 40 hours per week. Overtime is unlimited but if you do take OT your production requirements go up…catch effin 22. Things with CACI are getting worse IMO…LOTS of people jumping ship and accepting positions at newer contract companies like CSRA. Promoting to Level 2 is also a joke. Requirements change everyday. No clear direction. Bonuses are a JOKE as well. Work your butt off only to get a $200 bonus that is taxed. Things have gotten worse and I only see things worsening. No hope for CACI and its future. Run, if its not too late.

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I recently resigned from CACI. It’s not bad to hit your numbers at level one or level two but you gotta work an honest 8 hours to do so. It is a good company but others, such as CSRA, offer better benefits and tout “work life balance”. CACI pushes its investigators to close cases, but I never felt like I was under crushing pressure while working there. I never felt like I would lose my job for missing an ACD or getting too many reopens. I think if CACI would raise its salaries it would be the top vendor.

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My own personal opinion: I was treated fairly before I departed. But morale was low, and this was made evident on regional phone calls. Geographic region and immediate supervisor are major factors in your experience. I don’t believe you can meet their production expectations on a regular basis in a 40 hour work week if you work in a demanding, dynamic area. There are a few “sweet spots” in the country but generally there’s too many external factors in play. You have to just work your schedule to the best of your ability. After awhile you’ll develop a “groove” and will have a better understanding of what can be done in any given week. There’s no reason to compromise your or the company’s integrity… just accept you did what you could do given the time allotted, not all things were in your control, then start all over again the next week (unfortunately can be toxic for overachievers). I never felt a crushing pressure to close out cases, but there was definitely a lot of indirect “Hey, we needed this done yesterday.”

Pay is the lowest when compared to other vendors.

My info could be outdated by now.


I was a level 1 before I resigned from CACI and I had no problems hitting level 1 numbers (I worked in a sweet spot). I could make production easy as pie until the day stats were due and the reopens started popping up like wack-a-mole. I loved CACI, but there was too much conflicting information when they started using those associate reviewers.

The pay could have been better too, but I refused to promote to level 2 and have the pressure of 4.7 hanging over my head every month. Plus they changed the bonus system and started cherry picking how they’d give out bonuses. They’d come out with random messages such as “Get these five cases transmitted in the next two days and you could get a $200 bonus”. Still feel like I the rigors of the job warrranted higher pay.

All in all CACI was good compared to Keypoint which I had heard from some senior investigators who’d jumped ship.