Caci opinions dcsa investigator

I am curious about the attrition at CACI as a DCSA investigator.

I am considering going to work there but I have read a lot about unrealistic expectations.

Does this frequently result in termination?

They are more flexible and easier to work for than Peraton.

Much of it depends on who you have as a Section Lead. They can make or break the stress level.

I find their systems to be a bit clunky compared to Peraton, but that may just be me.

Have you considered going Independent Contractor? It can be the best way for some folks, others not so much.

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I don’t know a single person who has been terminated for metrics.

CACI threatens, is very demeaning, and loves wasting time on PIPs. CACI changes the metrics to fit their goals (notably during COVID) without regard to any feedback from Investigators. As noted, your Supervisor makes the difference - of course, all Sups seem fine until you really get to know them, so it is a roll of the dice. Now that Peraton and CACI are the only prime options - devil and the deep blue sea. I went contractor a while ago and am much happier.

I prefer CACI to Peraton. I have known one person at CACI get terminated for metrics but I have no idea what that person’s performance actually looked like. I personally felt more pressured by Peraton.

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Been with CACI 10+ years, and was with USIS before that. It’s a job. The expectation of long-term consistency or that the PMO is going to give you hugs is unrealistic. Do your job, and BS will be lessened. I’ve seen/heard of 1 FI being fired for performance in my area since I’ve been here. If you can get to Level IV, $110,000 a year for talking on the phone / Zoom isn’t a bad gig.

I agree with you, just do your job and the supervisors bother you less. I don’t even think you have to be that great at the job, just be around 95-100% production and 80% first pass quality and no will give you a hard time. Granted, I hate this job most days lol but I do love the flexibility of it and not having to go into an office everyday.


It’s fine. There’s such a dearth of BIs I’d be surprised if I was let go for underperforming a little. If you’re young it’s a great starter job in the NatSec sphere. Easy way to get a TS which opens up your job options considerably. Many people dont stay longer than a year or two

Your milage may vary but I did it for about 7 months, used the TS to get me into a job I really wanted.

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If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of role did you move into? I’m getting very burnt out on the BI job!

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Junior policy job at DoS. Had the educational background for it, just needed the clearance.

I have had several BI colleagues go into Personal Security Specialists positions. Worth looking into.

Unfortunately. many jobs after the BI gig depends on your location.