Peraton Investigators?

Looking for insight from any current (or former) Peraton background investigators. I have received an offer from them that pays more than I currently make as a reviewer at CACI, but on the fence if I should make the switch. Any input would be appreciated!!!

Stay far away for Peraton. If you can. The extra money will cost you your sanity.


Former Keypoint/Perspecta BI and current CACI BI here - I hate CACI. I would go back to Peraton if I had a different Supervisor than is assigned to my area (same one that I had before). Not much difference between the contracting companies, but it seems like Peraton Reviewers now actually help BIs rather than work against them. Just my 1.5 cents worth.

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I am a current Peraton investigator of 10 years. I personally think they are a great company and have been more than wonderful to me. Not sure why others don’t feel the same. Never been a reviewer so I can’t speak to that but as an FI, I have had several managers and they have been all wonderful.

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I really think it depends on the field manger you get, I have had great ones who let you do your job and other ones who micro manage every second of your day.


KGS/Peraton was good to work for when i had a good supervisor. The supervisor that replaced her decimated the team (most went to CACI) in less than a year. She was never a field investigator and her only qualification for being a team leader was living in the same town as KGS HQ. She barely remembered our names and we never saw her in person.

My observations and discussions with friends who were KGS employees run along the same lines.


Thank you all for the input!!!
After thinking it over, I decided to stay where I’m at as a reviewer-I ran into some unexpected expenses where I couldn’t be in a position with 30-45 days with no income. Additionally, I do enjoy my position with CACI and the ability to completely be remote. :slightly_smiling_face:

I previously worked for Perspecta and had a wonderful and supportive mentor and supervisor. I left the job to pursue some other opportunities. I recently came back and now work for CACI. My section lead is always there for me and sings my praises. I have been back in the field a little over six months and was given an 18% raise as an acknowledgment of the work I’ve been performing (no I did not promote to a higher level). I am not exactly sure why so many people complain about either of these companies. The job itself is a stressful one and you can definitely get burned out but I have always had exceptional supervisors that did their best to support me in a very draining position.

I left because my CACI coworkers got your 18% while I didn’t get a single cent.


I was told that it was a performance raise. I have out performed my peers and was acknowledged. I feel like I earned it.

“I have outperformed my peers” Really??? This job is not supposed to be a competition. It’s about national security and doing a thorough job. Just because someone works faster, and dare I say work off the clock, doesn’t mean that loyalty and seniority should not be awarded.

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I agree!!! When a company chooses to reward hustling that should tell you everything you need to know about the company.

Saying that I have outperformed my peers means I have fewer reopens, more of my reports are accepted the first time through review, when I do have a reopen I retransmit in less than 24 hours, and I manage my schedule prioritizing items in the order instructed. You can sit here and attempt to make it sound bad all you want to but I have done and a good job and was acknowledged. I find it odd that someone would think acknowledging a job well done is a bad thing. Seniority means absolutely nothing if the work is crap, just sayin. Have a good day.


This may mot be your situation but…many people within the past 6 mo think they got a raise from peraton and Caci when in reality their company had to give mandatory wage increases to comply with the new contract requirement. If you received a pay increase within the past 6 months it means you were massively getting screwed over and now the government is forcing your company to pay you more. No matter how your company spins it thats the truth. Paragon didnt give raises because they were already paying enough to meet the new standard.


I don’t know, maybe you are right. I was content with my prior pay and was pleasantly surprised when my boss called me with the news. I’m going to choose to believe her instead of harboring some kind of resentment.

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I had the highest quality percentage in my region. I earned it too. And got nothing for it since I’m only a Level 2. But all is well. Paragon is paying me 33% more than CACI.

I am a level 2 as well. I do not want to promote past that. Level 2 is stressful enough for me.

I’m always at the top in my team and every year my performance rating is exceeds expectations, yet somehow I’m now at the starting pay for a Level 2 with almost 20 years experience. I’m exiting CACI in the next few weeks for a company that I’m hoping will be better. This pay thing is ridiculous.


I am unaware of what normal starting wages are for the different companies or for the different levels for that matter. I know that CACI started me off more as a experienced level 2 than what Perspecta paid me as a level 2 and then CACI bumped me up more at six months. I have no idea what anyone else on my team makes, I’ve never even met my team members. I have only met my boss and she is very nice.

Agree with your premise, but your ending statement about Paragon is incorrect.