Peraton Or CACI

Hey guys i need your opinion. I’m an level 6 investigator with Peraton. The amount of workload here is just insane. I’m putting 12-14 hours. Is CACI any different. Thinking about interviewing with them.

I’ve never worked for Peraton, but CACI treated me terribly.

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I am level 6 at Peraton and I agree that the workload can be crazy at times but I think it’s important to set boundaries with your employer. I work eight hours a day and do not work past 5pm. Now that the pay is actually decent, especially for a level 6, I just aim to meet my production for the month. I really don’t care about bonuses and going way over my production for the month, I really don’t even mind being a few SUs short some months. I really just focus on getting to 95% for the month instead of 110%


I think it is going to come down to the evil you know vs the evil you don’t know. Both companies are horrible. If you like your TL, stay where are are. I have learned your boss can make or break this job. I have worked for great bosses and the job was great - I felt supported and appreciated. I have also worked for awful bosses who encourage working off the clock and threaten you with your job daily. The job was exactly the same under both bosses, but I am 1000% more miserable under the bad boss.


I once worked for CACI. They treat their investigators horribly, like slaves! If I had to choose between Peraton and CACI, I would choose Peraton. But if I were you I would seriously consider getting out of this life-sucking industry (as a Contractor) which is what I am trying to do.


I’ve worked for both. I agree with the person that says, at Peraton, it depends on who your manager is…If they are reasonable, that is always going to be better than CACI. CACI is awful and creates more roadblocks to doing investigations. I would only work 12 to 14 hours a day for the OT.

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How do you work till 5pm and meet production at 95%? Do you also work on the weekend? Peraton are saying they we need to meet ACD’s. I’m not sure if i’m stressing for absolutely no reason, or if its the crappy t2 cases that take 4 hours to complete….ugh!!

I have worked for both. I believe I was a level 5 at Peraton and I was required to get .619 WT per hour (or about 24.75 a week). I am a level 3 at CACI and required to do 0.65 WT per hour (26 a week) under Loser Loren’s new metrics. They are honestly quite similar. I wasn’t allowed drive time at Peraton (things might have changed since then). BUT, Peraton’s computer systems are soo much better than CACI. You lose so much time trying to navigate CACI’s horrible systems.

These new metrics might be enough to get me back to Peraton. CACI has not implemented a single process to make us more efficient (Dragon, quick parts), yet are now going to require us to do more work. Don’t let Loren fool you, they are not lowering the metrics….do the math, they have raised the expectation. Not to mention they have increased the minimum production expectation to 95% (from 90%) without actually telling the investigators.


Curious how the pay compares at Peraton vs. CACI.

You hit the mail on the head here . I had to sign a shortfall letter because I was producing at 60% for 3 months because why ? We have no local work (I live within a 50 mile radius of 5 bases) all the work I had was capital region which we all know generated less points . So it will be interesting to see how this new bs plays out.

What’s WT? i’m new to this field.

WT is Weighted testimony

CACI calls completed items WT. You may know them as SU.

Or EMH - they are all terms to describe how our work is measured.

I used to be a Level 6 with Peraton. I left to go contractor. I had one of those areas that there was a lot of travel and worked UNI, EXCAL which were harder to work and takes 3x as long. I was constantly frustrated that I had to live up to a metrics that was made 20 years ago and did not factor in the Intel work (which was 80% of my load). I had one manager who was okay with it, but got a new manger and she eventually wanted me to bumped down to level 5. Which would have been fine, but I would have lost all bonuses I had obtained since employed with them (7 years). I quit before I was knocked down.

Funny thing is, the only other investigator in my area, then was forced to work the intel work. She quit 2 weeks later. Now as a contractor, they still want to assign me all the intel work. Since I wont take as much (pays the same as Intel) they have to constantly send people here on TDY.

Sorry this ended up being a rant, versus and answer to your question. I havent worked CACI, but understand you situation at Peraton.


I’m confused. How could you “lose” bonuses you have already received? I recently voluntarily downgraded my level at Peraton and it was easily done with no questions and none of my bonuses (3-4 a year for a decade) were recouped in any way. There is definitely a noticeable flood of people leaving the field and a flood of new inexperienced people coming in.

100% agree with this as a level 6 with Peraton as well. I work my 8 hours a day (until 5pm) and I just aim to meet my metrics as a level 6. If I bonus…great! If I don’t bonus, no biggie. Set your boundaries! I have a fantastic FM as well so that helps.

I think the poster meant “merit increases” and not necessarily bonuses for going down a level.

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meant yearly pay increases, to get me down to starting level 5

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Can you please clarify?