Level 1-6 pay band

Please help me understand the pay structure for peraton level 1 through level 6. I saw in last post level 6 earns 96k. Please delete this if its a duplicate post.


I would assume that peraton does not pay better than the highest wage required by the contract. Not with peraton anymore so I don’t know for sure.

This thread about comment 30 says that the level six is 85,000… Personally, it wasn’t worth a pint of blood that they took each week.


Yes level 6 is $95,600 a year

Is this everywhere or is this high cost of living is like Alaska or dc?

I am personally not a high cost of living area.

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If the US DOL breaks it down into four levels, how does Peraton stretch it out to six levels? Is someone getting paid less for doing more work? Just wondering how this would work.

How many source units required for that level 6 ??

25.5 is what is required for level 6

That is current at Peraton? Wow! Nice!

That is correct, Peraton.

25.5 SU’s per week is a very tall order and nearly impossible without sacrificing some major quality.

Some Investigators can do 25.5 SU’s in a week from time to time in any given week if things line up correctly but to do that consistently week over week over week for a career or even 5 years would be brutal. It simply isn’t tenable or sustainable long term. My guess is Level 6’s don’t last at Peraton for long. Either they are weeded out and placed back to a Level 3 or 4 or they are fired for integrity concerns or major quality issues. I don’t care if Peraton paid me $175K at a Level 6, I wouldn’t do it and I wouldn’t last long trying to meet those metrics before I failed. All it takes is one major and nasty issue laden case that requires my full attention and highest level of quality and there goes my 25.5 SU’s for that week and probably the next three weeks while I write my 65 page report on the guy that has nearly every issue code in his background.


You are right. It can be a brutal pace of neverending assingments which can cause someone at that level to start taking liberties and treating the humans they interact with poorly. Level 6’s who last the test of time have managers that understand the pace and help out with favorable assignments/breaks/admin/tdy/alternative work etc.

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Level 6’s increase production stats by manipulating their time sheet, padding driving time, and other tricks. There’s no way a person can meet level 6 every month without writing time off production, working off the clock and doing a massive amount phone interviews.


:100: agree! Those that are doing this create a disservice for us lower levels and set an unrealistic expectation company wide!

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Well now that Interview have to be done in person, the Level 6 Investigator is a thing of the past. And what Field Manager at Peraton is going to help “pad” the Investigator. My experience with FM’s at Peraton is that most of them haven’t worked a case in their lifetime and come from professions that have nothing to do with the work we do. They are completely out of touch and have no business managing federal background Investigators and monitoring my production.


What company are you with?

I know of an investigator who is level 6 that has SU of .8 percent. How in the world that’s possible without padding. I don’t think it’s possible.

Does Peraton have any non-production cost strings FI’s can charge to such as long distance drive time, manifest, weekly admin? Or is everything charged to production with the exception of breaks and lunch?