Contract rebid Summer 2022?

Rumors are CACI is losing the rebid soon, and I’m curious what everyone else had heard. Big contenders are CACI, paragon, peraton. All 3 are hiring. All 3 are sure they are going to win.

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Where are you hearing this rumor? I truly wouldn’t be surprised as that place is a sh** show. But curious of any validity to this.


I hope it is CACI. I heard one company is positioning to be a sub in the event they lose the contract. I can’t imagine being a sub in this business. The only good thing about being sub is they’ll get rid of all the dead weight imposters in management that we financially support and justice will be served.


I’ve heard it from 3 fed staffers, and now two contract specs (one DHS and one dcsa) over the past month or so.


Very interesting. I’m interested to see how this will all unfold. I know the fiscal year ends over the summer, is this when the rebid would take place? I’m curious when we’d find out who actually ends up getting the rebid and who doesn’t.

What is a sub? I haven’t heard this expression?

A sub is a company that works with the main company. Normally they are a smaller company.

CACI is very confident they will win. I don’t know what factors DCSA looks at, but I think CACI screwed themselves over by tasking their investigators with too many other contracts to work on. It didn’t help when CACI refused to give most investigators an annual raise last summer which resulted in investigators quitting as well as becoming understandably upset. Bottom line CACI is short staffed and DCSA may be looking at who best can handle the work. As a side note, the review staff at CACI is horrible and wastes a lot of time getting the product over to DCSA by being too nit picky to include having up to 3 reviewers looking at the product which results in a delay in getting the product to DCSA. And finally, the upper management is the worst, so if the contract is lost, I would hold them entirely responsible, not the investigators who bust their butts under the unbelievable demands.


But we are all in the same boat :roll_eyes:

And yeah, a 6 point RZ on a SUBC asking for info already reported in the ESI ROI… waste of time.

CACI screwed themselves when they started paying Lvl 1 10% /hr, gave lvl 2 a 1-3% raise, and then lvl 3 and 4 a 20-40% raise - just to avoid backpaying to Nov 21 the new SCA rate.

Oh. SUB(contractor)

My brain is fried.

Lol I didn’t even get a 1-2%. Meanwhile my coworkers got 30+%. But yeah, they wonder why morale is down.


I’ve got no crystal ball - however, Gov’t contracts are really based on “price”, so the lowest 2 will probably be awarded the deal. “Best Value” is a concept that is thrown around (and it includes past performance, etc.), but really - it’s all about the lowest price. Being a Subcontractor firm requires being a minority/small biz/woman-owned, etc. designation. I know that KRL and CAC don’t qualify directly - and I don’t know what structure Securitas set up - but their parent company is huge and international. I know that one of the bidders is talking about having their independent contractors (all LLCs small biz) be part of the 30% - which is kind of smart. This last minute panic by CAC seems like just threatening tactics (to finish out the their fiscal year) - I mean, c’mon, the decision has been made once the bid was submitted and reviewed.

Heard that rumors from people at CACI it was Paragon. So, who knows…

Any updates on the contract award?

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Whoever does NOT win will protest the award.


who isnt paying sca or windshield time?

I havent heard that from any of the investigators I know over at paragon. Hell, they told me they pay more than CACI (at least before the “raise”). Just heard the insurance sucks.

Idk who is gonna get cut but I am nervous about this

Can you clarify not paying SCA? I have an offer from them right now that includes it.

OH. yeah at least CACI has that.

I keep hearing from the rumor circle its gonna be CACI that loses it, and of course CACI is saying its para/pera and not them :roll_eyes:

Ahh, thank you. I have been with the same vendor for 5+ years and never had any idea that SCA was also related to PTO.